Why Didn't Low Ki Come Back Sooner?, Mickie James Returning For The Magnus' Character, Why Madison Rayne Was Face, Whether AJ Styles Will Ever Return, If TNA Reached A New TV Deal, Did Kurt Angle Re-Sign?

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So, welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I answer your questions you sent to me involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using "#TNATalk".

Why did Low Ki decide to return to TNA now when he should have been back in 2011?


There are multiple factors that go into a talent wanting to return to a certain company or place. These factors range from money to scheduling to management. I do not know why Low Ki came back to TNA Wrestling right now compared to 2011, but there has to be certain factors that played into effect. I do remember Low Ki retiring from in-ring competition, but he came out of retirement and has joined TNA earlier this year. I don’t know the extent of his contract, but obviously it has to benefit him in order to be there.

I read an article on Magnus with one stating that Mickie James (his real-life girlfriend and the mother of his son) could be his Morality Pet on having him be an on-screen bitter person by discontinuing his partnership with Bram. Could this storyline work out for him and propel him back into the TNA spotlight?


First off, congratulations to Magnus and Mickie James on the birth of their child. Now, I remember Mickie James stating she would like to come back to the wrestling business, but she is open about going anywhere. She has a desire to go to the WWE to become a trainer at their developmental facility. Honestly, I don’t think Mickie James will be back in TNA, but (I know I always say this but it is true) never say never.

As far as the Magnus character, I do think he is being underutilized and forgotten being with Bram. I have been stating this for months and I will continue to state it until it changes. Let’s face it, Bram is the shining star right now. He is impressing me and many others. He’s one of the highlight characters on the show and I pop when he comes out. The Magnus character, on the other hand, has lost his momentum and luster. The focus is on Bram and it really should be on Bram and Magnus.

From how they booked the 10/22/14 show, Magnus helped Bram win his Hardcore match with Devon. Is that going to lead to something? For my #TNANewsBooksImpact, my first script for 10/22/14 had Magnus look weak compared to Bram which would have set up a face turn for Magnus as he turns on Bram. NOW, for my 10/29/14 script, I am having Magnus and Bram be as one where Magnus is helping Bram, so it seems, but it will lead to an ultimate swerve in where Magnus does the ultimate face turn.

Did Madison Rayne return to TNA as a face because of becoming a mother?


As we seen on last night's episode of Impact Wrestling, Madison Rayne turned heel against Taryn Terrell. When Madison returned to TNA after her pregnancy, the thought of TNA making her face because of being a mother is quite crazy if you think about it. There's far more important things that go into deciding whether someone will be face or heel. Obviously Madison went against The Beautiful People when they returned. It's all about what programs the company wants to do and who is available for those programs.

Will we see AJ Styles back in TNA?

AJ Styles winning the World Heavyweight Championship

AJ Styles winning the World Heavyweight Championship

I am somewhat surprised that we are still talking about AJ Styles coming back to TNA almost a year after he departed, but after thinking about it, I shouldn’t be surprised knowing how much AJ Styles meant to the company.

When AJ Styles left TNA, I was honestly surprised they let him go. AJ Styles is the person that first caught my eye when I first watched TNA and I still remember that. AJ Styles is a top notch talent that a company should deeply desire to watch. However, money is money and AJ wasn’t going to take a pay cut and I don’t blame him. TNA should have offered him what he wanted for what he has done for the company. They simply couldn’t afford him anymore.

Now that AJ is gone from TNA, he is making a great living on the independent scene to Ring of Honor to New Japan Pro Wrestling and even Global Force Wrestling in the future. AJ Styles really does not need TNA Wrestling and he is proving that. I don’t think he will want to come back now. Does TNA need AJ Styles? Obviously their numbers are stagnant from when he was there to when he wasn’t there. The only thing the company can determine about him is the merchandise dollars. I don’t know how much AJ was bringing in terms of merchandise sales, but it had to be something to take into account.

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