TNA Teases Something Major Is In The Works After "Emergency Meeting"

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TNA Wrestling ran an angle on their official website on Wednesday where the Board of Directors "called an emergency meeting" in Dallas with neither Dixie Carter nor MVP present. The tease is something major is in the works. TNA reports there have been "several meetings since Slammiversary" - one of which resulted in the return of the 6-sided ring.

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  • Avalanchian

    OMG CM Punk is going to TNA!!!!!!!!!!!!! j/k

  • Vic Jose

    They must have signed Orlando Jordan again!

  • Ricky

    Really, who cares at this point. TNA ignores it’s own talent to bring in reject from the WWE and put gold on them instead of loyal talent.

  • Paul

    Spike Dudley has just been signed and is challenging Bobby Lashley for the championship at B4G????????

  • tone

    The return of Sting!!!

  • live1213

    Well from what I have read out of the 3 shows the one that will air b4 destination X was some of the best quick moves going into destination X and Hardcore justice.I also think they bringing in another person but not really major major it will b some one such as the re dragons, Nigel mcguinness or brutis clay or big time trival as in who singing at BFG. But not Cm Punk if so out of money by December. Lol

  • jason witten 82

    Mick Foley decided to invest again, a “fresh new” power struggle story!

  • Terra Ryzing

    Could it be someone from the MMA world?!?!