What TNA Is Telling Talent About Impact Wrestling On Spike TV

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I'm told many contracted TNA performers were caught off-guard by the TMZ report that Spike TV had canceled Impact Wrestling.

The company sent out an email to talent on Monday, explaining that negotiations with Spike are still ongoing and they are also talking with other networks. The story making rounds is that Spike is offering less than what they want but the UTA representative is negotiating the gap.

While figures aren't being thrown around, I previously reported that Spike is currently paying TNA $65,000 an hour and TNA wants $100,000 per hour.

At this point, talent is being told not to talk to third parties about the company's domestic TV deal. They've been advised to direct their questions in-house and will be given information when it is available.


  1. Dave Barton 28 July, 2014 at 22:24 Reply

    Hard to imagine TNA is in any position to ask for more money, especially when you consider that WWE’s recent tv renewal “wasn’t for as much as we’d hoped.”

  2. Smark Twain 28 July, 2014 at 23:20 Reply

    I can’t even imagine what the morale must be backstage. I haven’t even watched TNA for a while now but it sounded like things were turning around with their New York tapings.

  3. Whammaster 28 July, 2014 at 23:54 Reply

    How can TNA ask for more money per hour when they haven’t exactly grown much, if at all over the past year.

    If anything TNA should ask for a very small $/hr raise, and demand that Spike TV promotes the company a hell of a lot more. Kinda hard not to improve since that is basically non-existent anyways.

  4. Mysterion 29 July, 2014 at 02:53 Reply

    If figures aren’t being thrown around how come you’ve got figures man? Just found that sentence to be a slight oxymoron.

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