TNA Turning Point 2012 PPV Poster Revealed

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The poster for TNA's Turning Point pay-per-view has been revealed. It can be seen below:

Turning Point will be live November 11, 2012 from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

  • Blaze


  • RhinoJoe

    Well that spoils the match coming up against whoever Hogan sends out to the slaughter.

    • PainOfDemise

      Did you really think Hogan's team was going to win anyway?

      • RhinoJoe

        no I did not but they shouldn't go out of their way to spoil things. Also I had hoped that we would have masks removed by then.

  • MHJ

    No real surprise there, means that Hogan team will lose in the tag match

    • Dave Barton

      Just like when they had Vladimir Kozlov on the No Way Out 2009 poster, right? He won his Elimination Chamber match. No, wait, he was last to be pinned…no, that's not right either…2nd to last? Nope. Oh yeah, I remember now! He was the 2nd out of 5 men to be eliminated.

      Those promo posters are never misleading, are they?

  • Steven

    Kinda feel like this the nexus storyline all over again.

  • mjledesma

    Looks like sons of anarchy

    • Hardy

      What I thought personally

  • Guy Landau

    I wonder what the green "GOLOWRESTLING" stands for.

    • Dave Barton

      That's "SOLOWRESTLING"…and I have no idea what it means.

    • StephenSnel23

      I thought it said SOLOWRESTLING

  • Cowboyjamesstorm

    Looks like me……weird

  • ThisGuy

    What a spoiler…


    Oh WELLL….. Ooooochhh!!!

  • CJ

    They should have thought twice before releasing this.

  • dWz

    Sons Of Anarchy anyone?

  • christa

    Lol sons of anarchy double. Im a wrestling fan def. N a soa fan. But never wanted to mix the two.