TNA VICTORY ROAD COVERAGE: No Holds Barred Match: Sting vs. Bobby Roode

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Welcome to our exclusive live ongoing play-by-play coverage of TNA Victory Road. Please use the links above and below to follow along with this particular match. Continue to refresh the page for the latest updates.

We get a video package that details the growing animosity between these two men that led to the fake-out retirement of Sting, and eventually this match.

Bobby Roode is the first man to make his way out to the ring for the main event. He heads out slowly, getting a bit of heat from the crowd.

Sting is the next man to make his way out for this match, and he gets a great reception from the crowd. It's worth noting that half of Sting's face is painted in pristine black and white, and the other half is smudged makeup, more like what he's been wearing lately.

JB does formal ring introductions for both men, and it looks like we're finally ready to begin.

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  • XKonn247

    Wow. Russo goes and that’s how they end a world title match? By making a veteran look totally unaware of ring positioning… Lame.

    • Jester

      It was a bad ending, but it wasn’t a world title match.

      • havoc525

        Makes even more sense, right? Let’s have this guy as champion, but, he won’t defend at the PPV, instead he’ll face a guy who’s best days were a generation ago, in a meaninless match, you could just as easily have done on Impact.

    • Aldin94

      Wow everyone doesnt realize the end of the ppv was a good way to make Roode look like a mega heal. Give it some time and see how this leads towards LockDown.