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Welcome to our exclusive live ongoing play-by-play coverage of TNA Victory Road. Please use the links above and below to follow along with this particular match. Continue to refresh the page for the latest updates.

Robbie E. makes his way out to the ring with Rob Terry working security on the way down. The crowd doesn't seem too excited to see Robbie.

Robbie's got a mic, and he says Big Rob, and Bigger Rob unfortunately have some bad news tonight. He says due to every wrestler in the back being contracted to a match, the open challenge won't be happening tonight. He says he really wanted some stiff competition tonight. The crowd is chanting for RVD. Robbie says he'll do something that's never been done in wrestling before. He says since no wrestler's in the back can wrestle, the challenge will be open to any fan in the Impact Zone. He says one of these fans can be a star, the question is who will it be?

Terry points to a fan in attendance, but Robbie says he wouldn't stand a chance. They continue to scan the crowd, looking for a challenger. Robbie asks if three girls in the front row could participate, but he says they're about 400 pounds, and he won't get into the ring with them. He asks So Cal Val, before saying they will wrestle in their hotel room later tonight. Terry says she's definitely not on the list. Terry and Robbie head back into the ring. Robbie says he's made a mistake, and no one deserves a shot against him. He officially cancels the challenge.

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