TNA Video Playlist - A Look Back At Hulk Hogan's Tenure In The Company

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TNA Wrestling posted the following video playlist ahead of Hulk Hogan's "big decision" on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling:

Hulk Hogan arrives in TNA Wrestling (From October 2009 - Hulk's TNA Debut)

A Look At Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan (From January 2011 - The Power Struggle)

Hulk Hogan vs. Dixie Carter - The Verdict (From March 2011 - The Legal Controversy)

Hulk Hogan The New IMPACT General Manager? (From March 2012 - A New Beginning?)

Hulk Hogan Becomes the New GM of IMPACT (From March 2012 - Hulk and Dixie reunited)

Dixie Carter drops a bombshell on Hulk Hogan (From September 2013 - #TeamDixie)

*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results For Next Week