TNA Wrestler Finishes Up With The Company At This Week's TV Tapings (Spoiler)

The inevitable parting between Jesse Neal and TNA Impact Wrestling has happened.

Neal finished up with the company on Monday night as an injury angle was taped in a match with Gunner that will air on tomorrow night's edition of Impact Wrestling.

Neal is already booked on the indy's as the folks at I Believe In Wrestling sent word he's on their 12/17 show in Orlando, Florida.

  • 420

    is i belive in wrestling owed by the mcmans, shane is the owner

  • Chris_Storm

    If nobody ever announced Neal leaving, would anyone have really noticed? With the exeption of seeing Shannon alone, I wouldn't have.

  • Fernando

    Since he's from Florida, maybe he can go and ask FCW for a tryout (I'm sure he will).

  • Andy S

    Which one’s he again?

    • Ernest Bethea

      The ex-Navy Guy that WAS teamed with Shannon Moore.

  • Jim

    Wow! Gunner got the huge rub from Jesse Neil. That’ll really get him over…