TNA Wrestler Finishes Up With The Company At This Week's TV Tapings (Spoiler)

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The inevitable parting between Jesse Neal and TNA Impact Wrestling has happened.

Neal finished up with the company on Monday night as an injury angle was taped in a match with Gunner that will air on tomorrow night's edition of Impact Wrestling.

Neal is already booked on the indy's as the folks at I Believe In Wrestling sent word he's on their 12/17 show in Orlando, Florida.

  • 420

    is i belive in wrestling owed by the mcmans, shane is the owner

  • Chris_Storm

    If nobody ever announced Neal leaving, would anyone have really noticed? With the exeption of seeing Shannon alone, I wouldn't have.

  • Fernando

    Since he's from Florida, maybe he can go and ask FCW for a tryout (I'm sure he will).

  • Andy S

    Which one’s he again?

    • Ernest Bethea

      The ex-Navy Guy that WAS teamed with Shannon Moore.

  • Jim

    Wow! Gunner got the huge rub from Jesse Neil. That’ll really get him over…