TNA Wrestling Adds Sacrifice To Their Pay-Per-View List

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Many have speculated about the TNA Wrestling PPV event that is scheduled for April 27, 2014. However, the speculation can end as TNA added VIP packages on ShopTNA and it features a package for the April 27th show. They are promoting the show as Sacrifice. The pay-per-view has been a staple in the company since 2005, but it was cut out of last year's line-up when the company only produced 4 live PPV shows for the entire year. The VIP package for the event can be seen here.

  • John

    I wish TNA would just go back to monthly PPV events at a cheaper price… Eliminating all their PPV’s has resulted in them having nothing to build towards except “special” editions of iMPACT that is filled with commercials.