TNA Wrestling Announces New Creative Direction, Taking Impact Off The Road, & Training Facility

TNA Wrestling just published an article on their official website where they announced several key elements for the company moving forward.

As part of their new "Where action never ends" creative direction, the company will return to filming Impact Wrestling at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. They'll also open a new training facility where they will develop talent in "an ongoing basis". Below is the full announcement:

Coming off the heels of one of TNA’s highest-attended “Bound For Glory” Pay-Per-View events to date, TNA Wrestling announces a 24/7 cross-platform programming initiative, “Where Action Never Ends,” beginning today. Marking an evolution in the way fans experience professional wrestling, through this initiative, cameras will be rolling on the TNA superstars at live events, on the road and in their homes, giving viewers the chance to experience IMPACT Wrestling 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

How this will work: Fans will see compelling, “cameras everywhere” content infused into IMPACT Live on Spike TV every Thursday from 9-11 p.m. ET. For the remaining 166 hours of the week until the next show, they will also have the chance to see many of the wrestlers they love and storylines they follow unfold as this exclusive content filmed during the week will be presented online at, on social channels including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as a variety of new distribution channels in the coming months.

A longtime valued partner, Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla, will serve as the hub for TNA’s revolutionized programming strategy with shows primarily taping at their location, along with some IMPACT shows that will be filmed on the road from different markets. The first IMPACT show scheduled from Orlando will air live on November 21.

“The way that people view television has dramatically shifted, and it is incumbent upon us to deliver a modern, revolutionized way of watching professional wrestling to our fans,” said President Dixie Carter. “Our reality is that we only have 82 minutes of programming each week and a large roster of talented professionals that deserve more exposure. With our new ‘Where Action Never Ends’ creative direction, we will deliver just that for both them and the fans.”

Carter continued, “Bringing live events to our fans across the globe will remain a vital element of TNA’s business; however, our renewed focus, as it relates to our television programming, will shift from live event touring to 24/7 show content, so that fans can really get to know our talent. And, in making Orlando’s Universal Studios our programming hub, we have the powerful combination of state-of-the art production facilities and incredible soundstages that will make it easier for us to launch this new production-intensive initiative. We will also be working with Universal to develop new and creative ways for park guests and fans from around the world to experience a unique TNA attraction.”

“Universal Studios Florida Production Group is pleased to be TNA Wrestling’s partner as it launches its 24/7 cross-platform initiative ‘Where Action Never Ends’,” said Pamela Tuscany, Vice President and General Manager, Universal Studios Florida Production Group. “We look forward to the successful launch of ‘Where Action Never Ends’ giving viewers the chance to experience IMPACT Wrestling 24 hours a day/7 days a week.”

Along with a refreshed creative approach, several new characters will be announced in the coming months. In recent weeks, fans have already seen Ethan Carter III (EC3) and Lei’D Tapa, TNA’s newest Knockout. Universal Studios will also serve as the primary training facility for TNA talent moving forward, providing the opportunity to train and develop talent on an ongoing basis.

The strength and success of TNA’s programming worldwide is at an all-time high. TNA Wrestling ratings around the world are seeing significant increases particularly in important international television markets such as the UK and Germany where the show is the number one wrestling program on television. Additionally, TNA recently inked new deals with distribution partners in Portugal and New Zealand, renewed a multi-year deal in France, and recently-launched programming in India is performing beyond expectation.

“A decade ago, TNA started as a Pay-Per-View only company only and has grown into a global success. I am more excited than ever about our ‘Where Action Never Ends’ creative direction and what will become the next evolution of professional wrestling,” said Carter.

  • Nostaljack

    A training facility. That’s never been done before. Kudos to TNA for coming up with something original. I’ve been saying…oh wait…

    • Nostaljack

      Not at all. Just a TNA realist. They’re trying to make weeds look like pretty flowers and I don’t buy it. Based on BFG’s attendance, few are.

  • Cubed56

    One of the highest attended BFG PPV’s in company history? If that’s true, TNA has a lot more to worry about then a new creative direction and a training facility. The arena was over half empty, I would say only about 40% full and that might be being generous. Try getting fans in the arena first regularly, then worry about other plans other then creative ones

  • Mike McCarthy

    so now the wrestlers not only are barely scraping by but are gonna have cameras in their faces 24/7 guess morale their must be pretty high

  • smark calloway

    did it just say ” one of tna’s highest attended ppv’s ” ? didnt look that way from some of the pics ive seen. i really want tna to succeed though and hope the company turns around and becomes profitable and a legitimate competition to wwe. im not even a fan of tna’s and think the companies glory days ended in 07 . to be honest from what ive seen recently, their product sucks . attendance, ratings and buyrates seem to confirm that.. ( even though the show does garner a lot of views here in the uk, its only because tna is on a free channel and we have to pay to get the channel that shows wwe. but make no bones about it , whatever tna try to spin you, wwe is still the top dog for wrestling here in the uk too., NOT tna ..wwe house shows , raw, sd etc are still sell outs over here..but when i went to an impact taping last year in london there was a lot of empty seats ) the worst thing that could happen is if tna goes out of business though. as bad as they are now , and as much as it is basically wcw 2 at the moment (circa 2000-2001) i dont wanna see that happen , as that ” wouldnt be good for the business “

  • Simon

    I use to be one of the many that hoped TNA would go out of business but now that i’m older I’ve changed my views, But i find it kinda annoying when they say “highest attended” and we have pictures that show otherwise. Now I’ve never been to a TNA show so I can’t really compare it to anything but from the looks of it i’m right. I really want them succeed cause in the current market there’s enough for everyone, but all these changes don’t seem to help all that much.

    • Jay El Bee

      It’s probably true though since the highest attended BFG was about 5,000 people, the problem was that they ran the show in a building that was to big for them.