TNA Wrestling Announces New Partnership With Twitter

TNA Wrestling has partnered with Twitter where they are embedding their live "during the commercial" stream from their YouTube channel on their official Impact Wrestling Twitter page. TNA President Dixie Carter commented on the partnership with the following Tweet:


  • Stephen

    Same ole Same ole TNA trying to catch up with WWE on something they did then trying to make it a big deal by posting ''first'' in all capitals. News flash Dixie, That wont help your struggling company….

  • Ian P.

    So they make money from this how?

  • James M>>>

    Well, you know they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so thanks TNA. Oh yeah, so much for that whole “focus on wrestling more” schtick.

  • Kevin

    Great move Dixie. Now if she'd just get it through her pretty little skull that Hogan and Bisch (and their children) need to go, TNA might actually have a chance of becoming competitive against the WWE.