Two TNA Wrestlers Bullied Backstage At Last Week's Impact Wrestling

We're told both Ivelisse Veliz and Lei'd Tapa were not "smarted up" in advance of last week's announcement on Impact Wrestling as to who would be getting a TNA contract. They heard it for the first time as a shoot on live TV and we're told there was a lot of laughter from those watching the monitor backstage at the way Ivelisse reacted.

They also didn't know it had already been decided the week before that TNA planned to offer them both contracts anyway. Word traveled around the locker room but nobody told either Gut Check participant. It became a rib with the boys gathering around the monitor to see the reactions when they were told live on Spike TV.

  • I would hardly call this “bullying.” It was more of a initiation. The title is somewhat misleading to me. I was more alarmed in how the TNA impact zone reacted to Lei’d. It was a classic case of smarks hating on someone who has a relative formerly in the wrestling business.

    • PainOfDemise

      Or maybe it was because she completely blew when she wrestled? She was just so awkward and unsure of herself, it just came off really horrible. I know I would of had the same reaction as those fans did.

      • I thought she did well considering how new she is.

    • I’m pretty sure the crowd reaction had more to do with wth TNA’s decision to eliminate Ivelisse than anything Lei’d Tapa did.

  • shwo

    What is this? Sensationalist reporting much?

  • Nostaljack

    What a total non-event. No disrespect intended but when did this become worthy of “premium news”?

    • shwo

      seriously I mean were right smack in the.middle of Wm season with so many big names not even having rumored matches but this was worth throwing out there? a lot of people got on me for saying it but this sight is seemingly going in the wrong direction, if I want mellow drama ill put on NBC

      • Nostaljack

        Not a big deal to me to see it as an article…but as a *premium” article? To say that this is way too mundane to fit the bill would be quite an understatement.

  • Josh

    I honestly feel like the premium content has been lacking lately. It seems like Richard has just been taking ordinary news stories and spinning a creative title on them.

    • Boogie

      Totally agree. This is embarassing

  • It’s exclusive backstage story, I’m not sure what else you want me to say. We’ll have a new WNW Premium Mailbag out tomorrow if that will appease you. Perhaps the notes from Raw on Monday? I popped big time for this story and felt it was worth running, I apologize if you feel differently.