TNA “ReACTION” Returning

Dixie Carter, TNA President, just wrote on her official Twitter page that the company will be bringing their ReACTION show back for everyone to watch, but it will be strictly an online Youtube series. It will start mid-February.

TNA ReACTION was a series that was developed by Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey as they have their own production company together. The show aired during the 2010 year, but it never reached beyond that… until now. Below is Dixie’s tweet:

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  • lbp365

    Add hilite spike can we say saturday 9am.

  • SoulFool

    So Cool…They never should have gotten rid of it…Just The Hogan Twins and Bischoff !!!

  • SoulFool

    Just a shame You can only see it on YT !!!

  • SoulFool

    So Cool…Should of never got rid of it…just The Hogan Twins and Bischoff !!! Just a shame You can only see it on YT !!!