TNA Wrestling Releases A New Facebook App

Impact Wrestling just announced, via their official website, that they teamed with Fantom to launch a Facebook for the upcoming pay-per-view TNA Lockdown. Below is the official description of the app:

Fans can now watch videos of past Lockdown PPVs in the Facebook app, collect and trade stickers featuring the IMPACT WRESTLING roster and read articles on previous Lockdown events. The app includes Lockdown Legends such as Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle and new IMPACT WRESTLING additions including Christian York, Kenny King and Joey Ryan. Connect with IMPACT WRESTLING fans across the globe, build up your roster and uncover the media behind each wrestler’s sticker!

Fill up your album and get a chance to win VIP tickets to the Lockdown PPV and IMPACT WRESTLING merchandise!

If you are interested in the app, click here to play.

  • PainOfDemise

    I really hope that wasn’t their “major annoucement” that will “change everything”. I guess it would make sense if it was, because it won’t change anything, and it’s not a major annoucement, so it’s right up Dixie’s ally to make a whole lot of something out of nothing.

    • snoopy

      Seriously Man it’s all over the internet what her major announcement possibly is.

      • PainOfDemise

        Well this is the only wrestling news site I go to, so I wouldn’t know that.

  • This is not the major announcement. Dixie Carter is making the announcement on Impact Wrestling tonight. Stay tuned!