TNA Wrestling Released Tara From Her Contract

TNA Wrestling just announced on their official Twitter account that they released for Knockout Champion Tara, real name Lisa Marie Varon, from her contract. Tara has been with the company since 2009 after leaving the WWE in the same year. Below is the official tweet:

  • ld

    Another reason to not watch TNA. Tara was the hottest best knockout. TNA Sucks donkey turds! I hope Tara shows up somewhere.

  • Stoney

    She’s the oldest knockout and still wrestles like she is in her 20s and is one of the hottest knockouts

  • michael

    According to D.O.C’s official Twitter, his contract is done too.

  • David

    She opened a new wrestling theme bar in Chicago and she is there most of the time and I plan on going there for SummerSlam (you can watch the ppvs there for free). I cant wait to go and check it out

  • jackkedx10

    I’m in love with that picture you have posted up.. she’s HOT!

  • GuyLandau

    “wish her the best of success in the future.”
    Now we know what to call TNA future endeavorment.

  • Nostaljack

    Tara is amazing. She’s been able to hang on in a young girls game for far longer than she should have. TNA blew it (don’t they almost always?)

  • MonstaHeel450

    Kaitlyn vs. Victoria by Survivor Series… Doubtful but just imagine. You read it here first.

  • Terra Ryzing

    She deserved better than being paired up with that turd Jesse. I really hope the best for her. She was always one of my favorites in both companies.