TNA Wrestling Reveals A Cryptic "#August1Warning" Video

TNA Wrestling released a very cryptic video earlier this evening on their official Youtube channel. In this video, a person is talking saying that he will reveal himself on next week's Impact Wrestling. The character goes on to say that he does "not" work for Impact or Spike TV. Make sure you check out our coverage of the show next Thursday to see who this is referring to. Below is the video:

  • jdl

    It’s stuff like this that makes TNA look minor leagues, that was horrible. It screamed early 2000s in the worst possible way. That’s without taking into account that one weeks worth of promo packages for a return or a reveal of any kind is not adequate.

  • dunlap84

    Someone who doesn’t work for TNA. Hmm with all that’s gone on recently and all the negative publicity that could pretty much sum up the whole roster here pretty soon. The guys head looks just like Christopher Daniels, but obviously that doesn’t fit, well I’ll definitely be tuning in to see who it is, just hope it’s not a let down.

  • dunlap84

    No matter who it is they will never live up to the “shocking”
    reveal that was The Shockmaster,as Sting so eloquently put it his reveal shocked the world. Epic.

  • sdunne87

    It’s a man from the electricity company coming to cut them off for not paying the bills.

  • chris

    the shadow looked like hardcore holly… would be fitting for hardcore justice.

  • JustinStarr

    It’s Senshi! Top rope double-foot stomp is back!!

    • GuyLandau

      That’s a good idea! It really fits.

  • GuyLandau

    Considering the shape of the head and the fact he doesn’t work for TNA, I’m sort of pulling for either DOC or Adam Pearce.

    • dunlap84

      Im a big Adam Pearce fan myself and he just recently got “run out of” Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, I would love to see him get a second chance in TNA.

      • Carlos Pabon Jr.

        It can’t be Adam Pearce.. His ears don’t fit the video and I doubt its DOC because the stature on the guy is too small

  • Kenneth

    A slimmed down Mantaur?

  • Rdrake13

    Scot Hall

  • Jason Bagemehl

    my guess is the return of lo ki

  • WrestlingFan

    Former owner of TNA..

  • Jokers485

    What about Scott Steiner? That would be epic to see big papa pump return!!!

  • Carlos Pabon Jr.

    Not Adam Pearce because his ears are too small, Alex Shelly still has the mohawk and is wrestling in Japan, and it actually may be Hardcore Holly… Hardcore is 50 years old BUUUUUT, July 5th he teamed up with James Storm and Magnus to go against Aces and Eights at Hardcore Justice 2…ijs

    • Batmanba

      Shelley is injured, so he’s actually not wrestling in Japan right now.