TNA Wrestling To Debut In New City With Lockdown 2013

Dixie Carter noted on her Twitter account that an announcement regarding the location of TNA Lockdown 2013 will be made on this week's Impact Wrestling. Below is the Tweet:

TNA Lockdown usually takes place in April. We'll have full coverage of the announcement here at

  • Bob Hope

    Must be at a fairground out in the country because nowhere else can you make a 300 person crowd look like a major sellout.

    • Big Van Idaho Tater

      Not Necessarily… What About Boise, ID? The crowds for untelevised events here fill the arena one-tenth of the way, and they've never been To Boise, just Nampa. NO COMPANY has ever done a PPV from ID, and for good reason: The crowds always suck! If I had the Money, I would buy 3 or 4 front row tickets, just so I could lay down during the diva matches, but I can barely afford nosebleed seats… But for a PPV? I'll Start saving money this Friday if they announce Lockdown In Idaho!