TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries Sets The Record Straight Regarding Inclusion In WWE'12, TNA Salary, More

- TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries sent in the following:

Austin Aries here. Not to let facts get on the way of a good story but I worked for 3 years of THQ's WWE video game. My voice over work for this years game was done way before I signed with TNA. And I make very good money with TNA for that matter. Thought you might like to have some actual factual info instead of making things up

Austin is speaking of Friday's installment of Ask WNW on this question and answer:

I would rank Austin Aries as one of the best workers in TNA Impact Wrestling. How did the company feel about him working with WWE for their WWE ’12 video game?

As far as I know TNA had no problem with Austin Aries providing dialogue for the Jacob Cass character in WWE ’12. They probably encouraged it as another revenue stream for him to earn money. Guys like Aries aren’t making a lot working in TNA as it’s not near at the level of WWE. I agree his work is great but just because he’s on television doesn’t mean he’s making a large salary.

I apologize for the error and can assure you I wasn't "making things up."  I was going on the information I had to answer the question.  I am glad he emailed in to provide further details.

  • Matt Scott

    He doesn't sound happy about it to be honest. Best to get rough facts over guessing I suppose!

    • wnwdotcom2

      No and I don't blame him. I made an honest mistake and it's best to get the truth out there. After all, my job is provide readers with the highest level of accuracy possible.

      • Matt Scott

        Fair play! But if all you had to on is what others were giving you, at least you tried researching huh?

        • wnwdotcom2

          I researched it but obviously not enough. In the history of Ask WNW I've answered over 1,000 questions I'm bound to slip up here and there. The usual haters will come out and bash me for this but I posted Aries' email to show I'm not above a mistake. Furthermore I want everyone to see how transparent we are here at WNW and I'll put my work up against any website or publication.

          • Immy

            I like your honesty rich, does it give you some job satisfaction to know stars like Austin Aries check out your site?

      • Dave

        Thank you for the clarification, many of these other newz sites wouldn't have admitted being in error. Another great reason to get your wrestling fix right here at WNW.

  • BigMike

    it qwas a reasonable theory from u as TNA has usually been for wrestlers using ROH in the past and other indy appearances and such as a way to supplement their income so it sounded reasonable as for Aries he is right to send an email and setting things right but he sounds a bit sensitive on the matter like his feelings were hurt when nothing negative was said. I hope I am mistaken but hopefully he isnt the overly sensitive type who gets his feelings hurt too easily im not a big fan of diva like attitude

  • Msuth

    Where did you get your info?

    • wnwdotcom2

      By large, TNA downsides are much lower than that of WWE. This is why workers such as Gail Kim and Christian left TNA when WWE came calling. Many TNA workers do things outside of the company in order to boost their income. Some work indy dates while others independently promote signings and appearances. Some even have regular day jobs. I had assumed Aries' work in WWE '12 was one of those outside projects that was in addition to his TNA work. I was unaware the work with THQ took place before his latest deal with TNA.

  • @RatedMKD

    Don't wanna say I told you so, but if I may quote myself: "I'd say Austin Aries had completed his voiceover work for WWE '12 before he returned to TNA."

    Fair dues to you, Richard. Most people behind wrestling sites would certainly opt not to share this. You made an understandable mistake and owned up to it. This is a prime example of why I hold WNW in such high regard.

  • Steve

    Leave Richard alone everyone makes mistakes grow up people no one is perfect even if they think they are!!!!!!

    • Kevin

      And Leave Britney alone while your at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Are you serious dude?

  • Dave L

    I guess you can add Aries to the list of talent who read the site…

  • @jblack424

    Look lets be serious none of us would have known aries said that and richard puts it up just so we know the truth. I respect that. No ones perfect and when 99 percent is right that one slip especially when fixed is fine with me. Only thing he said incorrect was guys like aries don’t make a lot of money in tna and he was under tna. Bottom line does it really matter? Keep up awesome job and ill keep reading.

  • [email protected]

    What;’s the big deal? Rich does a great job for us all…lighten up.

  • Nathen

    People make mistakes, but most people DON'T own up to them. Most people try to sweep their mistakes under the rug. Kudos to you Richard for owning up to it in such away.