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Richard posted about Anderson not being around on TNA/IW lately and not listed for the UK Tour. I've been wondering about that myself. It came up during the Genesis WNW Live Blog and I've wondered since why he's been gone. I was wearing Anderson's digital camo A**hole cap, one of my favorite wrestler inspired garments, right along with my SCSA F*ck Fear, Drink Beer cap, so I had Anderson on the mind during that terrible PPV.

Yes, I said it, it was a TERRIBLE PPV! Before Genesis started there was a lot of discussion about the possibility of Jeff Hardy winning the TNA/IW Championship and what that would mean for both the company and the fans. As many of you know Gesus has becoming one of our TNA/IW Predictors this year, and he's quite outspoken. Prior to writing up the WNW Genesis Predicts, Gesus wrote up a rant in case Jeff Hardy won the TNA/IW Championship. He wasn't sure if he should put it with the Predicts, or where. I told him that I wanted to post it here, no matter if Hardy or Roode won as he and I have similar feelings.


Let me start off this blog by reminding you all. As some of you may not know, or even care, back when Hogan buried Roode and said Hardy was the face of the company, I vowed not to watch TNA if he became champion in the next 4 months. Low and behold here we are. Hardy has his championship match tonight. I realized Thursday that it could be the last Impact I watch. For those who think I’m trying to create drama or what not here are my reasons.

I have been nothing but passionate for TNA. So much so I got the privilege to write for WNW. An honor I wont soon forget, yet hurt to lose. Ever since some friend talked to me in passing and told me about TNA I have been nothing but supporting. I have never bought anything WWE other than action figures when I was a kid. I have roughly 3 shirts, 2 bags, and 20 or so DVD’s. I have also been to 2 house shows and numerous ppv’s. Not to admit to any crime but I have only bought WM for WWE, no DVDs, no shirts. Then again I am going to Elimination Chamber this year, but that’s besides the point. The first house show TNA had in my town I left a wedding my girlfriend was in just to go see it, at the anger of her entire family. One that you really don’t want to make mad. I like most people was excited to hear Hogan was coming into TNA. Make them big leagues find a new home and create a new wrestling war. I took off from work, invited friends, and had a party. Only to make excuses about how dismal the show was. I went from telling all my friends about TNA to saying remember that mistake promotion I had you watch? I just can’t sit here anymore and watch a company make terrible decisions. Which brings me to Hardy.

Any of you who follow me in Twitter know, I hate the man. Not because of his dismal ring work or his terrible psychedelic promos, but because how he has burned TNA. When a wrestler no shows TNA numerous occasions, isn’t that proof enough not to push him to the moon? When a wrestler shows up drunk out of his mind and shorts the fans their money, shouldn’t you not push him to the moon? When a wrestler blatantly offends a veteran such as Sting, shouldn’t you not push him to the moon? Those are a few grudges I have with the man, I will just end by saying my last this. Yes, I believe in forgiveness, but a man who is not even a year sober is unpredictable for a promotion like this to take a chance with. This is a promotion with Joe, AJ, AA, Angle, Storm, Roode, Morgan, Daniels, Kaz. Just off the top of my head, when was the last time these men showed up intoxicated so much they can't perform? When was the last time these men no showed? Most importantly, when was the last time any one of these men did not perform in the ring to the point where you feel like you wasted your time, and more importantly money? These men are TNA! They are the reason I tune in. The reason I buy the volumes of X-Division DVDs or any DVDs. The merchandise the tickets. The reason I ooze this much passion.

Show Starts


C > Of course they have to show a recap video about Hardy and Roode in the main event at Genesis, all the way to Roode kicking Brian Hebner in the slats to get the DQ and retain his Title. It was a decent video of an absolutely terribly booked main event.

In Ring Segment

D- > It seems as though TNA/IW has this monotonous formula that they can't seem to break away from. After the opening recap video someone comes to the ring and rants about something. It's usually the biggest heel of the moment talking down the person they're feuding with, or Sting or complaining about something that's going on that we're all either annoyed or bored with. Last week RAW didn't even have music and pyro, but when they do they change things up every week.

Sting coming out was completely expected, but that striped shirt looked horrible on him! Spank Roode's butt? Really? Really? Is Sting trying to be Miz? Sorry, that's not really fair, but this segment was terrible, just terrible!


F- > I really thought this was a segment, then I thought it was a commercial, then I thought it was a segment again. Morgan and Crimson have fallen this low? This was so much worse than King with his Subway sandwiches and JR with his Skittles. I know this is a throwback to the old days when the commercials were done by the people in the show, but this really blew. I'm just in awe at how terrible this was.

Robbie E & Robbie T vs Morgan & Crimson

C- > While I'd never say that Terry was a decent wrestler, but to see him pandering to a joke such as Robbie just turns my stomach. I will say Robbie sold his fear well, but other than that Robbie needs to go away. Crimson, on the other hand looked decent in the ring. Morgan looked decent in his ring work, but I don't think any wrestler should wear white trunks to the ring. Further, Morgan looked so overly tanned that his abs looked dirty.

Well, I will say that Joe and Magnus made quite the statement after the match was over. Joe's been both looking chunky and mishandled lately, but he showed a spark here with Magnus that I haven't seen from him in quite a while. I'd still rather see Williams tagging with Magnus, but we see how the powers that be in TNA/IW actually listen to what the fans tell them. Dixie has said over and over that she listens to the fans on Twitter, but I don't believe a word of it.

Winners – Crimson & Morgan

Backstage Segment

F > Bisch didn't say a word, but he showed up on camera and that more than enough for me. He and his OLD buddies are going to have to do something big, or they will not be getting anything from me from here on out!


D- > Seeing Gunner is one thing, but this whole Bisch feud is getting out of hand. Garett is a cute boy, but I haven't seen any decent ring work, personality or charisma from this boy. Bisch might be screwing up left right and center, but he has charisma and knows how to work the crowd. Okay, I don't want to see him at this point either, but that for how much he's screwed up TNA/IW and how little he cares about the fans. I believe it's all about the $$$ at this point, therefore Bisch needs to go away. He's not controversy, he just wants cash.

In Ring Segment

D- > If Bisch has made millions upon millions of dollars, where is it? He reinvented the wrestling business? Maybe, but that 'genius' he had back in the days of WCW seems to have disappeared with the financial backing of Ted Turner. He might have made WCW into the biggest wrestling company on earth, but when all was said and done, the only value WCW was in its video library because there was no place for it to stay on Turner TV, even if Bisch had been able to buy it with his copious millions. I had hoped he'd actually help TNA/IW become something, but he'd rather Tweet than do anything intelligent with TNA/IW. I'm very disappointed.

Yes, Garett is a cute boy, and he was fairly well spoken here, but not great. He has a long way to go before he's worthy of mid-card worker. I will admit I'm interested in seeing who Garett's new trainer is. My first thought was Hogan, but who knows when he might return after all his health issues. I do hope he recovers well, but I don't want to see him back on TNA/IW TV.

Backstage Segment

C+ > While Winter sounded good, looks like there might be some coming issues between her and Love? Either way, it's nice to see TNA/IW hasn't completely forgotten Winter exists.


I'm loving this ODB/EY thing, but I don't need a recap! Okay, their kiss was cute and their chemistry is great, but go forward, not back!

Backstage Segment

B > ODB sure is going to confused EY at every turn! Her being hot and horny while he thinks he's moving too fast is fun.

Winter w/ Love vs ODB w/ EY

C > EY trying to mirror all of ODB's moves as they head to the ring is fun. Did EY buy her that blind flask? Oh no, she gave it to him & he drank from it. I will say I think it's the first time I heard the fans chanting for EY since the, "Don't fire Eric!" chants when he was having troubles with Roode! I thought Winter had pieces falling off her outfit, but it seemed as though there was lacing up the back of Winter's pants with dangles. Winter sure took that bronco buster full on!

I got dizzy watching EY spin Love, but the way he fell from the ring was just perfect! The great chemistry between EY and ODB did something horrible in that match, it took away from the moves. Both Winter and ODB hit some solid moves in that ring. ODB more than Winter as ODB is a hard hitter who is built more solidly than most of the other girls – even though she's smaller than the average American woman. Those moves were good, but the fans, and myself, were more interested in seeing EY and ODB being cute together. It's the same thing that happens when Santino or Horny hit the ring in the WWE, they're comic relief and we forget that they actually can work the ring quite well. So while I like their chemistry, at the expense of a match – not so much.

Winner – ODB

In Ring Segment

B+ > Genesis was last week, yet we didn't see AJ there. That's not cool. I love AJ and really like Kaz, but they looked like they called each other and coordinated their outfits together. So, what does Daniels have on Kaz? This should be interesting. I have never seen anyone throw a mic like that! Daniels has to have a bruise on his back unless that leather blazer (great on Daniels' body) protected him enough. Actually, it seems as though Daniels dresses better for the ring, other than ring gear, when he's a heel. But that mic throw had a lot behind it, as this storyline seems to have behind it. Hopefully TNA/IW won't drop the ball on this one. Give it to Brother Love to run with?


C+ > Stills from Ray and Abyss, the match that stole the PPV in my opinion. That was a sick match.

Backstage Segment

B- > Typical heels who only care about themselves. Two different conversations, two different motives. That worked well.

In Ring Segment

A- > First off, I have to say I love Storm's cap with the bottle opener. Maybe I'm a bit behind the times, but that's kick butt! No, not just because Storm is drool worthy, but that's cool. Storm, as he has been, was just wonderful and passionate on mic. The only thing I worry about is Storm being a one note wonder with his passionate promos. Can he do soft tension as well as wild emotion? His push has been great – other than the Title loss – but I want to see more sides to Storm. SCSA wasn't always yelling and swilling beer. It was his mainstay, but he did show other things.

It's nice to see Sting put together a rubber match and called it a rubber match. Even funnier was watching Angle scurry up that ramp like his bum was set afire!

Angle vs Storm

A+ >Angle timed his entrance to the ring really well, but much about wrestling is timing and knowing exactly when to do things. After that he and Storm really left it out there. Okay, those two always leave it out there and they seem to bring something more out of each other, but this was great! Between the wrestling moves, the ground and pound, the fans loving Storm and Angle's attitude, they showed us so much right off the bat. That double crossbody looked great, both selling well. Angle's pinning out of the back stabber was barely there, but well executed. Even better was Angle hitting the superkick and Storm kicking out, I wondered when and how this would end. When I don't want to write because I'm enjoying a match so much, that's a good match. It's really hard during RAW as I'm doing the actual results, but on Impact it's usually easier. Not this time. Honestly, I didn't know how it would end, and didn't want it to end, but I cheered when Storm hit the last call. Is there any reason I shouldn't have given this match an A+? I felt that the quality of the match compared to how few quality matches we've seen on TNA/IW lately, how much they both put into this match made it worthy of top scoring. If you disagree, please, tell me why (nicely) because I'd really like to hear it.

Winner - Storm

Backstage Segment

F > I wonder how someone can abuse their body so badly and dye their hair so often, yet still have it look so healthy. Yes, that's what I'm reduced to when Hardy is on the screen. I have no use for him as a wrestler or a showman, no use for him as a glorified stuntman (I think Flair should have been talking about Hardy, not Foley), so why should I write about him as a wrestler as he's lost any respect I used to have for him. He should not be in the main event going after the TNA/IW Championship, he shouldn't be praised and rewarded for screwing his bosses, his coworkers and his (now former) fans. I've given all the second chances I'm going to give him. I don't respect him and I don't believe him.


B+ > Tessmacher has an amazing body. Just, wow! I actually think it's great that TNA/IW is supporting Brook in other aspects of her life. I will say that TNA/IW has that over the WWE. Unless it's a movie for the WWE, they don't seem to want their wrestlers to have any success outside of their ring. So I give TNA/IW props for putting together that video and supporting Brook in that way.

Backstage Segment

B- > I love the way Sting mocks the Knockouts! He seems to have a blast bouncing like a little girl at their expense. If we hadn't had to hear Madison at all there, it would have been almost perfect. Even funnier was Sting's fingers in his ears when Madison went crying off to Gail Kim about what the big, mean Sting did to her. Actually, I'm loving Sting in this role. I know I've said it before, but it really seems to suit him in so many ways and he's so good at it.

TNA/IW WHC Match – Bobby Roode (C) vs Jeff Hardy

C- > I like that Sting made it so that Roode can't purposefully cause a DQ to retain his Title, but worried that it might mean that Hardy could win this (please remember I haven't read any spoilers about this show). While I liked that Sting made that stipulation, it made it so that little of this match seemed to take place in the ring. In, out and all around the ring. Both looked decent and hit some high spots, but I still don't think Hardy should be on TNA/IW, never mind in this match. Roode played it well, heel through and through.

Wow, that hit Hardy took to the barrier was sick! Actually, it was quite disgusting and I would have been impressed previously, but I'm so over it all. Arg, I have to admit some of the moves Hardy hit in the ring looked really solid, even if I don't like the boy hitting the moves. The one thing I will say about Hardy is that he seems to be turning into Flair. The same move-set in the same order in every match. I know that wrestlers develop their move-sets and use them regularly, but Hardy seems to hit them in the same order. Okay, maybe now I'm cranky at Hardy just for the point of being cranky. I will say two things: 1- I'm glad Hardy didn't win the TNA/IW WHC. 2- I was actually impressed to see Hardy showing some emotion in the ring after Ray took the ref out and essentially ending the match.

Winner ?

Post Show

Two last things I want to talk about, the first being Hemme's outfit. Stacy commented on it twice, something he rarely does, so I have to talk about it too. I love Hemme and have loved her since I first saw her on the Diva Search. She exuded such great energy. She was so bubbly and bouncy. She even handled Rocky in the ring with pies; almost upstaged him, something that's nearly impossible to do. There were rumors surrounding her leaving the WWE, but I don't know what was true. I will say that her Playboy is my favorite of the Divas. I was never overly impressed with Hemme's ring work, but I enjoyed her on mic and I loved a lot of the outfits she wore, even though there's no way I could ever wear them. I haven't liked her being the ring announcer as she has been because she doesn't exude that energy that makes her so special. All that being said, the outfit she wore in the ring for this episode of Impact was horrible! All I saw was her fake tatas looking more fake than ever. The way the top plunged showed off how little her tatas moved and how fake they really are. It was a very unbecoming outfit for her, and while I don't think I need to say it, but it showed that she will never be the classy lady Lilian has always been.

The other thing I want to address is the show as a whole. I must say I'm rather disappointed in it as a whole. A couple of storylines progressed, while a couple others took interesting turns, but the only true shining light in the show was the Storm/Angle match. The fact that TNA/IW has the talent and ability to book such a wonderful match shows that they could really be something great in the whole scheme of things. I just wish they could take care of their huge problems and really become what they have to potential to be. I'm going to think on that this week and see what I can come up with. What do you think TNA/IW needs to do to have a fighting chance?


  • sforester

    Blitz here with the decent and the shameful. If TNA people read it and get offended then they can go whine like Madison so I can jump around like Sting.


    5. Brooke Tessmacher: Hooters girl, TNA knockout…drool city. Enough said.
    4. Garrett: Seeing Daddy Bischoff being put in his place is ALWAYS a real treat. Possible that TNA's managed to get Foley back? Unless it's like that time when Sting was coming up with partners to take on JJ and Steiner and finally chose Samoa Joe….
    3. Winter: Anytime she's on my TV is just fine with the Blitz!
    2: AJ-Kaz-Daniels: This storyline's going somewhere and I like it! Nice to see a real storyline, hope TNA doesn't goof it.
    Tied for first-
    Joe and Magnus: Now we're talking title feud! Will Joe and Magnus knock off the tag champs? It's quite believable now!
    Angle-Storm: This is the kind of match we WANT to see out of everyone.

    5. Morgan and Crimson segment: Keep it in the ring, guys. Neither are that great on the mic.
    4. The Robbies: All right TNA, you've had your fun…they gotta go.
    3. Madison Rayne: My ears. Enough said.
    2. Jeff Hardy. He's not being jobbed out like Barry Horowitz, but Hardy's sure patting his back like he is. That's enough to put him as shameful.
    1. TNA: It's pretty much gone beyond repair at this point. The one saving grace for TNA, as I've mentioned before, is if they were to merge into Ring of Honor. The agreement between the two companies is what kept TNA afloat, and Ring of Honor taking over TNA (and the slot on Spike TV) will be the best for the wrestlers.

    • bocephus

      I agree that TNA should purchase Ring of Honor. TNA does have the national TV contract with Spike TV.

      • sforester

        No no bro. Other way around, Sinclair Broadcasting (owners of ROH) buys TNA and gets that SpikeTV slot.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    your Question Kendra "So, what does Daniels have on Kaz? "

    My guess is it has to do with Kaz's Wife and her (Storyline) Sleeping with Bischoff to get the Knockout job which she didn't get. That's just a guess but as good as any.

    Good to see Winter once again. Yes I agree with Big Van……. Brooke looks hot.

  • jacqui

    Gesus is not outspoken hes just bias,hardy got caught the others didnt simple!

    • sforester

      Gesus is no more biased against Hardy than the Hardy marks are for him. Gesus is a guy that loves TNA and absolutely hates the direction it's been going, especially when it comes to the misuse and mishandling of talent. He's perfectly right when he says Hardy burned TNA. The Victory Road incident is one that I rank as badly as the Mass Transit incident in terms of the damage it did to the company.

      Quick explanation of the Mass Transit incident: a rather large guy, Eric Kulas, that was 17 and never trained but claimed to be 23 and trained by Killer Kowalski got into an ECW ring in 1996 as Mass Transit to sub for Axl Rotten to team with D-von Dudley against the Gangstas. During the match, the Gangstas isolated him and bladed him improperly after beating him with crutches, toasters, and other ECW-esque items. His father, who had originally backed Kulas' claims along with a "mini" wrestler that was present, started yelling for the bell because the kid was 17. End result: ECW almost got put out of business via lawsuits, and New Jack got a reputation for not caring who he beat up.

      Jeff Hardy showed up in no condition to wrestle at Victory Road in the MAIN EVENT. While not as brutal as the Mass Transit incident, the fact remains that the fans got cheated and TNA execs had to do a lot of damage control. Any other wrestling promotion would have tossed Hardy in the street, and any non-celebrity would have been thrown in jail for longer than ten days. Hardy has simply not paid his dues. He has simply not proven to be a reliable worker. If you're not reliable, you shouldn't be in the running to be the face of the company. The Blitz has spoken.

      • Gesusoliver

        Thank you for that Big Daddy B. One thing that really bugs me about people calling me bias and all this is the fact that they forget, Victory Road wasn't the first time Hardy no showed or screwed TNA out of a main event. I am bias against any worker that gets shot to the moon then goes and rips off not only a company but paying fans.

        not to sound like a jerk jacqui but despite all the things going on in TNA, if you bought Victory road and that happened how can you just say "meh, hardy just messed up its all good its only $55 ill never get back." People were all outraged by the promotor that let Scott Hall go to the ring when he was high but the fans had a right to see him, they paid. They were all pissed ultimately because of what happened. Would you now be willing for him to go back to WWE Team with Nash and take out HHH and form the NWO again? Heck, go bring HBK out of retirement and have some ladder matches.

        It just sounds crazy. Yes the man is a legend and has had demons to face. The fact of the matter remains. We were jipped out of our money. I was jipped out of my money. if this were WWE he would and in fact has been fired for his problems. This man could have sued TNA for all they were worth had he gotten injured, would you still support him then? The man had a chance to wrestle a legend and he screws it up with drugs. I am sorry but I am in complete agreement with Richards blog a few months ago talking about Pro Wrestling isn't to blame for drug use, nor should we sit here and support someone who is. I am not saying Hardy should be fired from TNA, everyone deserves a second chance, but this isn't the mans first rodeo. You see how messed up that family is.

        I grew up idolizing the hardy boys, like most kids my age. Though I can only watch fall from grace and support someone so much. When they burn a fan like hardy has how can one be so supporting though? like i said in a company with so many great stars, Hardy doesn't need to be in the main event. That was the point of my boycott. less than a year later the man is at the top f the list is just disgusting and insulting to me as a fan. There is no way around it. A company that cares more about their friends (nasty boys, love sponge) than the loyal fans (Kendra, Blitz and myself) its not longer a company I will support with my dollar and viewership.

        I am going to leave it here before I ramble on more. I think i made my point.

        • Gesusoliver

          for Further reference here is a list of the shows Hardy no showed for. May 15th 2005 TNA hard justice and was suspended from the company. December 11th 2005 Turning point overslept and missed his flight. was not on television for the company until he went to WWE in August later the next year. Finally showed up Jan 4th to an unadvertised debut, only to be indicted on all his drug charges the next day. Then goes to show up doped up March 31st 2011 Victory Road Hardy loses to sting in less than a minute for the championship. Also don't forget WWE and his suspensions for wellness policy violations.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Sting mocking Madison was great,

    as for Garrett I think his new Trainer is Hogan himself. once he said " you will be shocked who it is."

    • kbunyon

      That's what I said.


  • Chris_Storm

    I broke my boycott for the Knockout's match, which did not disappoint. Also, I watched the AJ promo, and just wanted to puke, how many times can we do Styles vs Daniels because that is all that this is leading to, and Kaz gets airtime by default. But, the highlight of the little part of the show I watched was AJ throwing the mic, I popped.