TNA/OVW Deal Ending, #Impact365 Videos, Return To Universal

- TNA Wrestling's agreement with Ohio Valley Wrestling as their official developmental territory is indeed coming to an end. While the changes have not yet been addressed by OVW, TNA is moving all talent in their developmental system to Orlando.

- In a new #Impact365 video, Dixie Carter discussed AJ Styles defending the TNA Championship for AAA in Mexico last weekend. Dixie, obviously in-character, said Styles was not the TNA Champion so he wasn't defending any TNA title. You can watch the video at this link or embedded in the video below:

- Below are some more links to #Impact365 videos:

#IMPACT365 Abyss Sends A Message To TNA Wrestling

#IMPACT365 Austin Aries on Veganism, Speculates on World Title Tourney

- The Orlando Sentinel ran an article on Monday on TNA Wrestling's return to Universal Studios. Click here to read it.

  • Evelyn L. Ford

    That really stinks; I now have no reason to go to OVW anymore.

  • Mysterion

    Dixie must really think the world is losing populous if “everyone” is talking about her TNA championship tournament

  • Pete Morris

    Wow they must have developed some amazing talent in the 12 months they had the patience to keep this up….

  • Robbie

    ovw was doing a better job at making the young guys stars than tna , Rob Terry is a machine in ovw , jessie is part of BTE one of the best teams i have watched in ages , lady tapa is being used better … i mean OVW has more of a knockouts division that tna , crimsons coalition story line was brilliant in ovw , its a shame tna didnt utilize ovw and some of its storys and characters abit more

  • Evelyn L. Ford

    Then again, OVW sucks anyway- they don’t really care about their fans; the TNA star Rockstar Spud, TPT Frank Miller, and Rip Rogers all cussed me out; Rip hates women, Spud and TPT hate plus-sized people; and, despite the fact that they do fund raisers for disabled people, they actually hate disabled people- I am disabled and they cussed me out; they are so mean that I hope that both OVW and TNA go out of business; I hope they vanish off the face of the earth and don’t let the the door hit you on the way out- both promotions are nothing but GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And everyone who works in both promotions are nothing but trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE OVW AND TNA! 4-LIFE! I HOPE THEY ALL BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!