TNA's Lawsuit Against WWE, Spike Helping TNA, CM Punk At TLC,

Do you see TNA dropping their lawsuit against WWE the day after Wrestlemania as a rib on Vince McMahon?

TNA's contract tampering lawsuit against WWE is doing exactly what they wanted it to do; prevent WWE from ransacking their talent roster. It will end only when TNA feels they get a proper settlement from WWE but I can already name of a list of talent that ended up re-signing with TNA because WWE currently is not an option. But to answer your question, no one is thinking “let’s end it as a rib.” This was done to protect TNA and it’s functioning as intended.

Why doesn't Spike TV help TNA get talent? For example if they offered Goldberg a show, he could make crossover appears on Impact Wrestling.

Talent isn't the problem in TNA Wrestling. At one time their roster was arguably better than WWE's roster and one could still make that point. I'm not sure what fans still see in Goldberg as he's been out of the mainstream eye for nearly a decade and is 45-years-old. He'd be happy to work for the right amount of money; the problem is closing the gap between what he's worth and what he's willing to accept. Spike is already helping TNA with talent with a recent example being King Mo who will be competing for TNA and Bellator Fighting Championships.

I'm going to WWE TLC and upset about CM Punk being sidelined. What are the chances he appears and cuts a promo on The Rock?

The plan is to move forward to CM Punk vs. The Rock so they want to keep Punk on television. I wouldn't be shocked if Punk appears at TLC on Sunday but it will probably depend on time constraints and how much open time they have to fill.

What is the purpose of opening up a sister site at

We decided to open as part of our expansion to take over the world. OK not really, it's just a side site we put together to feature some different content. It's not in competition to WNW; it's a compliment to it. We aren't moving any features from WNW to the new site, we are adding new features to our sister site and highlighting them here. Check it out - I think you'll like it -

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  • Winnipeg

    Goldberg? I thought his name was Mr. Kick&punch.

    • The Big Organ

      I believe that would be Ryback.

    • Pluto

      Goldberg is overrated. The only time I would wanna see Goldberg is if he gets inducted too the HOF. other then that I have no interest in seeing him inside the ring.

      • So you dont like Goldberg as a wrestler, yet you’re fine with him being inducted into the hall of fame? That makes no sense…

  • justin_schroeder

    Richard, What are some of the benefits you get from having new and different content on your sister site rather than having all the current and new content on the original site? why not just have one site for your viewers to go to?

    • Richard Gray

      More traffic, more diverse audience.

    • G1

      It's like having a Raw and Smackdown. Can you see the whole roster just on Raw? = More traffic.

  • Stephen

    Sorry but with WWE's youth movement and the amount of increditable talent they have, there is no way TNA's roster is better

    • Ibra

      I’m sorry but right now tna has a better roster than wwe to me. Wwe has a good farm system with the recent call ups and ohno still waiting but tna has more reliable main event workers to me than wwe. Every week u see the same people match against each other then same on smackdown like how many times have ziggler fought shemus, same thing with cm punk and daniel Bryan and Kane. Big show vs cena boring. I only watch wwe to see cesaro fight cause he is a star in the making. ADR fights either orton, Ryder, or sin cara like every week now. Look in tna u got Aries who still hasn’t fought guys like angle, just fought rvd, storm once and so on. He still can fight Aj which is a dream match to me. Tna has fresher main event and doesn’t need Thier champ example cm punk to fight every week on the show. Every week is the same old things with wwe. Team hell no, cena Aj, ziggler losing while he is one of the most reliable talent they have, ryback squash, and so on. In tna wrestler truly matters.

      • BonCrueMassey1

        and how many times in the last 3 yeas has Daniels fought AJ, How many times has ANgle fought Jarrett, Storm vs Roode, TNA has enough repition than you realize.

    • Liam

      I’m not certain, are you saying TNA doesn’t have incredible talent? Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode to name a few. I agree that TNA’s roster isn’t better, but I wouldn’t say it’s worse either

      • Stephen

        They have great talent, but WWE has more talented wrestlers than TNA. TNA only has a hanfull why WWE has like two

    • Jimmy

      Austin Aries is basically better that all the upcoming talent in WWE asides from maybe Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett

  • Lee Wilson

    Hi Richard will you be releasing an app for the sister site?

    • Richard Gray

      Hopefully! But it is completely mobile-responsive just like WNW

  • Cheddar

    If a wrestler really wanted to go to WWE from TNA after their contract was up, couldn't they just sue TNA? I mean that's basically telling someone "Hey, you can't provide for yourself or your family. Unless you work for us, we take away your right to live" That's a form of 3rd degree murder, which is by definition of law caused by negligence or indifference

    I know they could technically go get another job, but that's like telling someone with a math degree to go get a Language Arts job, or vice versa.

    Or if Vince REALLY wanted somebody, wouldn't he just say screw it and pay anyway?

    • Pluto

      That's what I was thinking

    • Nick B

      No. There are plenty of other wrestling companies. TNA is not taking anyone’s ability to provide for their family away. They simply can’t work for wwe, that’s it.

  • Ridiculous

    Punk did mention on Raw that he will be at TLC to watch the six man tag match

  • Ou812

    What would TNA want with a proven big name big draw main event legend like Bill Goldberg? They’ve got talent. The proof is in the ratings, ppv buys, and attendance on the road. Right? If they brought Goldberg in he would just be stealing the wwe’s ideas with Ryback’s character……. Right?

    • diddy

      What ratings and ppv buys those things are almost nonexistent in tna

    • PhilT81

      If it didn’t work when they brought in Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair or Kurt Angle then why would it work with Goldberg?

    • Ellen

      That's a bit backwards comment, WWE has taken WCW's ideas with Goldberg and given them to Ryback. It"s been a very, very long time since the writers for TNA or WWE had an original idea.

  • Sythian

    In response to cm punk being at TLC didn’t he mention in his promo on Raw that he was going to be there specifically to watch the shield who he doesn’t support?

  • jambo masai from kenya

    Wnw should have a brand extension of their staff! A once a year wnw draft!! Lol

  • Lee Wilson

    Thanks Richard

  • Darren Forkey

    i like the website that you linked. its very informational. keep up the good work.

  • The Breaker

    The TNA roster is filled with talent; based on that alone, they should be able to put on a show that is (at least) on-par with that of WWE on a consistent basis. But each company has things they are doing right. Overall this has been a great year for wrestling.

    • Jimmy

      TNA has the potential to compete with WWE, they just don't know how to book matches properly. For example: RVD vs Jeff Hardy on Impact instead of a major PPV. Then when it comes time to a PPV they have no good matches to show.

  • neweramaze

    to really answer the last question of AskWNW if you saw how much money these sites generate by clicks and adds you would be trying to start a site. I have fist hand knowledge of what these sites can bring in as I am a good friend of the owner of which is where Richard started if I am correct.