More On TNA's Return To Universal Studios

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TNA Wrestling will return to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida next month for another set of Impact tapings. They'll also tape in April and in May. The shows will be filmed in Soundstage 20, located next to the Blue Man Group Theater.

Entrance to the tapings is free, however, it doesn't include entrance to Universal Studios Resort. You can get addition details at this link.

  • Vic Jose

    Free entrance, that’s worse than wcw, how can they expect to make money this way?

    • John

      It has always been free entry into TNA tapings in Orlando.. That is nothing new.

  • Jeff Elliott

    How is it free if its not included in the package. Its a bit confusing lol. Someone he’ll clarify this plz.

    • thecountofincognito

      It means you can get into the TNA show for free, but you don’t get access to the rest of the park.

      • Jeff Elliott

        That’s good coz a lot of locals can go without making it an expensive day out. Hope TNA does awryt with the merch. If I could get in TNA free I would deffo use the money I would use for the ticket on merch.