TNA's Ring, Sting/WWE, WWE Network In The UK, Mysterio's Future, WWE Going Private

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With TNA making mention of the six-sided ring, is there a chance they bring it back?

TNA asked fans over the weekend how they liked their ring, with four sides or with six. I think they did it to get attention on social media as most of their rings have been converted to traditional four-sided rings. However, there is a chance they could bring it back but I'm not sure how much it would matter at this point. I'm not trying to be the "doom and gloom" guy but the company is in dire need of a boost.

The Sting to WWE talk has all but died down. Has he signed?

As far as I know, Sting is still a free agent. WWE filmed new interviews with him after the passing of The Ultimate Warrior and preliminary information suggests they will release a DVD centered around him in September. He's booked to appear for Pro Championship Wrestling on Saturday, June 21, 2014 but that's all the information available at this time.

With Hulk Hogan stating on Smackdown that the WWE Network will be available in the United Kingdom very soon, do you have a timetable?

The internal timetable for the international launch of WWE Network in phase one countries (which includes the United Kingdom) remains unchanged. That timetable is officially stated as "by the end of 2014/early 2015." How Hulk Hogan was used last week at Smackdown was one of the main reasons WWE re-signed him. They want Hogan to entice people to signup for the WWE Network, not only because of his recognition but to encourage lapsed fans that have stopped watching Raw and Smackdown.

What's going on with Rey Mysterio? Where is he?

Rey Mysterio was listed on WWE's internal injury report in April and also went on vacation in Hawaii. His WWE contract is coming up and he generated buzz on social media on April 30th when he announced he was at WWE headquarters negotiating his contract.

We reported exclusively here on a day prior to the Tweet that WWE re-signing Mysterio had become a priority after the company had come to realization that he could actually depart. I believe the days of Mysterio being a full-time talent are over as he continues to have issues with his left knee, however, he is still of value and WWE knows that.

Should WWE go back to being a private company?

There would be advantages for WWE choosing to go private, with Vince McMahon and other top executives receiving a large financial gain without having to maintain the stringent reporting requirements of being traded on the New York Stock Exchange. I don't see it happening and as a member of the media, I wouldn't like it because I wouldn't get to comb through WWE's financial records each quarter. WWE's stock price seems to have stabilized after declining sharply on the announcement of the new domestic TV licensing deal with NBCUniversal. As I've stated before, I believe the storm is over as long as WWE maintains their dividend. You can read an article on a public company choosing to go private at this link.

From the Ask WNW vault…

May 2012: Do you consider a “dirt sheet”? - I was asked in this week’s Premium Mailbag if being labeled a “dirt sheet” offended me. I feel that this website exists to break kayfabe and explain to interested wrestling fans what is going on behind-the-scenes. It’s also our job to report about backstage happenings that relate to the product. If that makes us a “dirt sheet,” I take no offense to the term what-so-ever. However, we are not a slimy gossip rag that will post anything as long as it looks “juicy.” I make a judgment call on every story I run and when I do post something in relation to a worker’s personal life, I try to be as respectful as possible.

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  • tone

    I’m over Sting signing with WWE…. if he does…. great, if he does not…no biggie. I believe he waited a few years to late.

    Rey needs to sign a legends deal… his in ring career is over…

  • Eddie Edwards

    I read on another site a month or 2 ago that when Sting debuted it would be as the Raw GM. I wonder with Brad Maddox being “fired” if we could see that soon.

  • Dave Barton

    Rey had a much better career than he ever could have hoped for in the US. A guy of his size (regardless of his immense talent) would never have made it here if not for the good fortune of being brought in to ECW by Konnan, then moving to WCW where Malenko was booking the Cruiserweights, and then WWE capitalizing on the marketability of his look & “underdog” size.

    He’s had an amazing career here in the US for nearly 20 years, there’d be no shame in him retiring now (especially after all the knee surgeries), and becoming a WWE Agent.

    • jman72485

      So true. Either an agent or trainer down at NXT. Hey Richard thanks for answering my question!

      • Bob’s Diner

        I’d rather be done with this whole Raw GM thing for a while. It really isn’t necessary when you already have The Authority running the show and calling the shots

        Sorry – I just realised I replied to the wrong comment! Not sure how that happened

        • David F

          Unless its Hogan for GM. Gives him something to do plus it would be good to have babyface authority role for change. and you can do Hogan’s team v Authority team at survivor series like Austin v Bischoff for complete control to end the storyline

          • Bob’s Diner

            I’ve just never understood how an employee can override the decisions of the CEO/COO. They used to pull that all the time with Vince making a match and then the commissioner would come out and be like ‘No way, Vince – here’s what is happening instead’. If I were the boss and my employee pulled that kind of stunt, they’d be looking for a new job

          • David F

            Its WWE it doesnt have to make sense lol

    • Xavier

      Well said; I’ve stated this before on here and I’ll say it again: Rey has been the best wrestler on the planet over the course of the last two decades hands down. He even was able too evolve his style once his knees started to give way and still was cranking great match after great match

      • AlphaMale

        I think very few people would look at Rey and call him the best wrestler on the planet throughout his career, but I think people mostly don’t think it because of his size, almost like that disqualifies him. But if I really think about it, I personally would have trouble disagreeing with you. He’s every bit up there with guys like Benoit, Angle, Hart, Michaels etc

  • Bob’s Diner

    I love that someone didn’t realise Hulk was just hyping the network to the UK fans for a pop. Just like John Cena telling the crowd last year they should get a PPV, although the network will actually happen one day

    • John

      The WWE Network makes it extremely likely that a WWE PPV will be held in the UK at some point. You no longer to have to worry about the time difference as the show is obviously archived on the Network so fans in the US aren’t forced into watching a PPV live during the day.

      • Bob’s Diner

        He actually suggested WrestleMania 31 should be hosted in London. People went ‘ZOMG JOHN CENA IS SO AWESOME’ while he probably walked to back, pleased with how gullible people can be. WrestleMania will NEVER happen in the UK

        • John

          Yeah i don’t think that’s ever going to happen. I don’t think SummerSlam should be held in the UK either, but a “B” level PPV is definitely possible. WWE could easily take an event like “Payback” or “Night of Champions” to the UK and it would be a major event for the UK fans.

  • Bob’s Diner

    BTW am I only that thinks of TNA like politicians, bringing up completely irrelevant discussion to distract from their problems? They seem to try this quite often

  • Jay El Bee

    Why would the WWE go back to being a private company, their stock has gone up $3 in the last year which seems pretty good to me.

  • Robert Olley

    I like rey but it is time to retire he has no think of his health and coming back every few months from a injury is doing him no favors.