TNA's World Cup PPV, Comedian Rips Impact Wrestling, Kurt Angle Appearance

- TNA's One Night Only "World Cup" premiered on pay-per-view systems on Friday. You can read taping results from the show taped in March 2013 at this link.

- Comedian Jim Norton watched this week's episode of Impact Wrestling and proceeded to rip it apart in an appearance on The Opie & Anthony Show. You can listen to it at this link or embedded in the video below:

- Kurt Angle will make an appearance on a children's television series in India, while he's there doing media for TNA Wrestling. He'll appear on "Baal Veer," where he'll be doing a fight scene.

  • live1213

    WOW! he going to rip when the show is doing better sounds like he’s just not a fan to me

  • Austin

    Heres the thing, Jim Norton is not an avid fan of general. The opie is a comedy talk show and more than likely this was just a bit they did for the show. I listen to O&A every day and to be honest as.much as i respect Richard, I feel that this story was not even worth mentioning. Wrestling is by far the last thing that is ever talked about.It probably would never be.mentioned if Sam Roberts was not part of O&A.

  • Winnipeg

    So funny I forgot to laugh