Todd Grisham On ESPN2's "First Take"; Former WWE Diva Arrested

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- Former WWE personality Todd Grisham has been serving as the moderator of "First Take" on ESPN2. Grisham left WWE last year to accept a position with ESPN.

- Former WWE Diva Serena Deeb was recently arrested. You can view her mugshot at this link.

  • Fernando

    She got her ass fired for drinking and now she's busted for the same. Ironic her name is Serena (Spanish for 'sober').

    • nandy05

      Hey fernando, sober in spanish is. “sobria” , serena means “relax”. Two different concepts

      • Fernando

        It also can be applied to that state when drunkennes is gone. 'Serena' is a polysemic word.

  • Ken

    That chick is busted! She got arrested as well.

  • Haley

    I thought Serena cleaned up her act.

  • Howard Stern

    It looks like they are holding her shirt up in front of her. Either that or she has the body of a turtle.

  • 3 things:
    1. Why does it look like there’s air being blown up under her shirt?
    2. Breast cancer awareness shirt?
    3. If you look at the other mugs on the bottom of the page, there is a guy named “Shaun Michael”

  • H.M.

    She looks so different (no not the hair) now.

  • Charlie Barklee

    I’m guessing they gave her the shirt since she probably wearing a bikini. She was arrested for Boating under the Influence