Todd Grisham Returning To The Ring, Backstage Updates On Daniel Bryan & Ryback, Big Names To WWE

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Todd Grisham Returning to the Ring

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Backstage Updates on Daniel Bryan & Ryback

Big Indy Names Coming to WWE

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  • Justin Lal

    Is Daniel Bryan’s stock still rising after RAW’s dismal ratings? Here is some news regarding that (credit Dave Meltzer):

    The show’s overall rating wasn’t great—a rather flat 2.89—but the real story may be in the overrun viewership for the hotly anticipated Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton match, which performed badly in the main event slot.

    As Dave Meltzer notes in this week’s (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter: “The Orton vs. Bryan street fight gained 104,000 viewers, one of the lowest main event gains of the year, finishing at a 2.92 overrun.”

    Meltzer discussed the significance of this in how it pertains to Daniel Bryan’s main event career, particularly coming off of last week’s poor ratings for SmackDown (viaPWTorch), another show built around the former World Heavyweight champion.

    Talking about Raw, Meltzer explained:

    “The story of the show isn’t one that a lot of people will want to hear. It was a risk building the show around Daniel Bryan as the main character no matter how loud those in the building cheer for him. And his street fight with Randy Orton did a terrible overrun number, coming off it being the main event on the least watched non-holiday Smackdown show since it started airing on Syfy. For people who complain about John Cena, as a general rule, his segments deliver, particularly in the main event slot.”

  • Please do not post newz from other publications. Thank you.

    • Justin Lal

      Sorry about that. But I feel you should post news regarding the dismal ratings from RAW. If you’re going to post about Daniel Bryan’s stock rising you should at least acknowledge the low rating for a show that was clearly centered around him. Only gaining 104,000 viewers is horrible for a main event.

      • Wilo

        why are u always such a hater?

        • Donnie Darko

          How does presenting facts make someone hater?

        • Justin Lal

          I’m just trying to bring some balance to the discussion. Most everyone on the internet is claiming how “must-see” Daniel Bryan is, yet the ratings didn’t reflect what was his biggest moment.

      • Bobby M.

        It takes time, dude. D-Bry isn’t going to attract most of the audience right away. His style is different from past main eventers, so the “WWE Universe” has to learn to adjust to him. Obviously, WWE brass still has faith in him.