Todd Keneley's Departure A Surprise, Taryn Banged Up In Show Stealing Bout

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Announcer Departure Surprises

TNA parting ways with Todd Keneley surprised a lot of people as he had a lot of support from co-workers and wrestlers. Matt Morgan wrote on Twitter that he loved when Keneley called his matches and Mike Tenay said he was "really fun" to work with.

Taryn Terrell's Show Stealing Match

TMZ has picked up on the Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell Last Knockout Standing match from Slammiversary XI on Sunday. They show photos of the legitimate bruises she suffered from bumps she took in the match. You can check out their coverage at this link. Video from the match has surfaced at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • _JIM_

    Tarryn showed she has clearly been putting in the work required for her to become an actual good female wrestler, and not just another one of these female wrestlers with nothing but their looks and no actual skills. TNA does a good job at turning these model type female wrestlers into solid performers. Unlike WWE who seems to just throw anybody that looks hot out there whether they can go or not. I’m actually surprised that WWE hasn’t had one of their Diva’s injured in a bad way yet. Because some of the Diva’s they’ve put out there in the past have looked extremely dangerous for themselves and their opponent.

    • lll

      You are right about TNA. Brooke Tessmacher and (now) Taryn Terrell are prime examples of failures in WWE’s eyes that became good fighter wrestlers in TNA. Taryn has shown everyone that she can go with the best of them, and TNA believes in her, just like Tessmacher. Funny how Gail Kim made both of these women the best wrestlers possible. Shows what kind of person Gail is. Anyway WWE can give a rat’s A$$ about their females, as eye candy is all they’re good for.