Tom Phillips Joins Smackdown Announce Team

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Not only will this week's episode of Smackdown feature an updated logo but it will feature a new three-man announce team. Tom Phillips -- from NXT and WWE Main Event -- debuted alongside JBL and Michael Cole at Tuesday's taping in Phoenix, Arizona.

“It was incredible to do that in front of the WWE Universe here in Phoenix,” Phillips told WWE.com after the taping had concluded. “They are loud, they are having a blast. Sitting out there with Michael Cole and JBL, they’re pretty intense, but it was fun, man. I was a little nervous, but it was fun.”

Dot com has more ahead of Phillips' Smackdown debut that you can read at this link.

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  • Splat

    A three-man announce team is awful regardless of who the three are. It’s to many voices and it just comes across as three guys fighting to get a word in.

  • Mike McCarthy

    I was a fan of the team of Phillips & Saxton on Main Event. I think the change was made too quickly. Let the two get comfortable on Main Event. Putting Tom Phillips with JBL & Cole makes me fear that he’ll just become another Josh Matthews.

  • Ayat Abbasi

    Always a Fan Of 3 Man Announce Table and Announcers
    Would have been Better if Renee Young would have made it but it is at least better than Bryon Saxton though , imo

  • Lee McAndrew

    Unfortunately Tom was overpowered by Cole and JBL. The play-by-play needs to take the lead and that’s difficult to make work when Cole is well-established in this role and is sitting alongside you as a colour commentator. I would like to see Tom just work with JBL and get the two of them interacting more.

  • Jim Evans

    With the cutbacks in WWE, then they add another announcer on the Smackdown team, makes no since to me. Why do they need three announcers in the first place ?