Tom Prichard Blogs On Jerry Lawler, Kofi Kingston Guest Hosting "Daytime," Dolph Ziggler On Flair As His Manager

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- Dr. Tom Prichard has a blog entry on his official website on Jerry Lawler going down with a heart attack on this week's WWE Raw. Click here to read it.

- WWE announced on dot com that Kofi Kingston will be a guest host on "Daytime" this Monday. Kofi will join Cyndi Edwards and Blake Shelton on the show. Click here for more.

- Wrestling News World reader Eddie F. sent this in… I just interviewed Dolph Ziggler and he talks about Night Of Champions, WWE Smackdown taping in Philadelphia and the rumors about Ric Flair being his manager. You can check out the audio at this link.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for contributing information to this article.

  • Wayne

    Why can't you post the interviews. Is it a copyright issue?

    • Richard Gray

      We do; just depends on the interview and what's sent to us.

  • _JIM_

    Flair would be perfect for Ziggler. That’s a combination I wish would’ve happened before rumors of it got out online. Now WWE definitely won’t be doing it. I hate wheb they do that. I understand wanting to surprise people, but cancelling an angle because it leaks online is a bit much. Especially when its a solid idea that people are behind. If people like the idea I would much rather them give us what we want, even though we know its going to happen, instead of replacing it with the horrible stuff that they normally do.

  • unknown

    if u look at Dolph he kind of is like a young Nature Boy. Can only benefit him to have him as his manager. though depends on whether WWE actually does the right/smart thing

  • Matt

    Oh man, Flair and Ziggler would be suuuucch a powerhouse duo. I wouldn't stop smiling for days if that happened

  • Moose666

    When I watch Dolph, I see Kurt Hennig and Ric Flair. He definitely has the talent and charisma to be the future. I look forward to seeing him in five years and see what he has accomplished.

  • Kevin

    I can see your point, Moose. Dolph does have that Hennig/Flair combo. Both of those guys were excellent in-ring performers; to have someone who is a combination of the 2 is awesome. If the WWE teamed Flair up with Ziggler, and ditched Vickie, it would be the equivalent of J. J. Dillon managing the 4 Horsemen. I could even see Ziggler and Flair bringing back the 4 Horsemen.