Tommy Dreamer Discusses How Beat Up Edge Worked, Says He Walked Like A 90-Year-Old With Crippling Arthritis & Needed Help Carrying His Luggage

Former WWE star Tommy Dreamer has a new editorial on The Kingston Whig Standard where he pays tribute to his friend and upcoming WWE Hall of Fame inductee Edge. Below is an excerpt:

The neck injury was just one of many he [Edge] sustained in his illustrious career.

I was with him when he tore his pectoral muscle. I was also with him when he tore his achillies tendon. I could see how beat up he was after matches. Watching him in the ring, you couldn’t tell, but he walked like a 90-year-old with crippling arthritis after.

I would help him carry his luggage to rooms because he had little to no strength in his arms, yet night after night, he continued to go into the ring and do what he most loved doing since he was a kid.

I am very proud to see him being inducted in WWE Hall of Fame this year, but even more proud to call him my friend.

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  • BollyMexCPhT

    Kind words from Dreamer. Edge really deserves this.

  • paul

    The more i read about Edge the more i come to respect him. i always have loved him in the ring, not only his stellar matches and contributions in the rise of the ladder match, but also his ability to sell a storyline. I cant imagine what its like being told you cant do what you love. I have mad respect for him

  • Mike

    That just shows how much passion he had for what he did, I have huge respect for the guy

    • Donna

      I enjoyed seeing Edge perform in the ring. A huge talent and I will miss him dearly. Congratulations on being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Edge deserves it.

  • Chopper

    Edge most have been more an athelete than i thought all those nights injured. Total respect for you and congrats on being inducted.

  • Philip Thompson

    Nobody is more deserving of a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame than Edge – and I just hope that he lives a long life and is as healthy as he can be.

  • JP_Punk

    all I can say is EDGE you LEGEND

  • Guzzie1984

    Adam Copeland true legend, i still remember him when he first came into wwe, u could tell then he was going to greater things, rated r superstar great nickname but to be honest jeff’s tna nickname probably sums up adam as a charismatic enigma, he drew reaction from day one, great credit to stu, bret, smith amd the rest of the hart family for giving him his platform, hope we see you back in some form soon adam,

  • Adam W.

    Edge is arguably the best wrestler to ever grace the ring. His passion definitely showed because he put his life and career on the line every night for the fans entertainment. Even when he could hardly walk, he still stepped in the ring and gave it his best. He showed his love for wrestling and the fans and that is why he is a true legend. Thank You Edge!


  • Paul w

    Adam copeland deserves this and more he was and still is a true performer and entertainer, from live sex show with amy(lita) which was funny to tlc matches, it shows how respected he is when wwe let him retire as champion to my knowledge I think he is the only book to read “adam copeland on edge” ill finish now by saying thank you edge………you think u know me

  • Maz

    In liked Edge till he did that silly feud with kane, and kidnapping Paul bear, that was proper lame.