Tommy Dreamer Injured On This Week's WWE Raw

Tommy Dreamer suffered a puncture wound on his forehead that resulted in an enormous knot that he claims was a result of the storyline attack by The Shield on Monday's episode of WWE Raw. Dreamer wrote on Twitter he was forced to make a visit to the local Emergency Room and the doctor asked if he wanted to press charges because he didn't "get it."

The wound reportedly needed 18 stitches to close.

  • Ken

    Looks nasty. A cross between a massive bruise and that body art you can get in Japan where they inject saline solution into your forehead, swell it out, poke shapes into it, and let the body directly absorb the saline.

    At least it looks nasty to me. For Tommy it's probably better than a tantric orgasm.

  • carlos

    Thats theres some ECW for-your-a** lol

  • PainOfDemise

    Doesn't surprise me since he sold him getting slammed into the garage door really well. I guess he sold it a little too well.

  • Bryan

    Maybe the Shield are getting a little too reckless with their "attacks"

    • Guest

      I agree.