Tommy Dreamer Says He Saved CM Punk's Job With WWE... Twice has a new article online featuring quotes from Tommy Dreamer. In the piece, Dreamer says he saved CM Punk's job in WWE... twice. Below is an excerpt:

“He [CM Punk] had little-to-no chance of ever making it in the WWE -- he wasn't their type of guy,”

“I saved his job two times when he was about to be let go -- I was saying, ‘Ya gotta keep this kid, ya gotta keep this kid,’” said Dreamer,

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  • tone

    yea him saying that made them keep punk….. smh

  • jdl

    Bull. Dreamer's just out for the attention, as soon as Punk hit the main roster he started picking up steam. Sure, it took him a while to hit the main event, but he was getting attention from almost day one.

    • So would you say Dreamer's suffering from a bit of Tall Poppy Syndrome?

      • jdl

        If by that you mean Dreamer is cutting Punk down due to the fact that Punk stands out and is a genuinely talented individual, yes. Not saying Dreamer isn't a skilled individual, but he's certainly no Punk.

  • sami

    For some I do not believe what dreamer was saying… CM Punk was over with the fans from day 1 of entering in the (modernised) ECW, He may be right about getting him in, but once in everyone knew he was there to stay

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    I read a piece by Dave Lagana on how Shawn Michaels saved CM Punk's career. It basically told a story on how Shawn said in a meeting that guys like Hardcore Holly, with all due respect, are not the future, CM Punk is the future. That was in 2007, and while CM Punk wasn't pushed to the moon the next day, he was slowly but surely meaning something in WWE. I'm not calling "false" on Dreamer's claims, but you know I can't help but think of ego coming to play. Especially judging by this headline, and the headline of the article in the website.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    That saved CM Punk's job by Dreamer saying "‘Ya gotta keep this kid, ya gotta keep this kid,’”

    and nothing more? didn't he give a reason for why they should keep him.

  • Silver

    Shoulda tried saving his own job. *rimshot*

    • XKonn247

      He ran out his contract and went to TNA. He wasn’t fired.

  • Tee Grey

    I believe what dreamer is saying is he saved punk from punks own attitude backstage, not because of how over he was with fans,Punk had an ego like any other wrestler and im sure there was times WWE were thinking of ridding him off and dreamer spoke up. read what he is saying before making observations. I honestly believe Dreamer did this because he is that good of a friend to do something so loyal, he looked up to Terry Funk who also looked out for the younger guys and even was willing to put them over with no problem.

  • MsMojoRisin

    lol at silvers comment

  • Van

    so now that CM Pimp's on top of the world being WWE Champion and also 2011 Superstar Of The Year,he wants to take credit

  • Jim

    Dreamer might as well be saying “hey everybody, please look at me!” What a tool. Even if this was true, only someone desperately seeking attention would tweet it to everyone. Nothin’ like taking a shot at the WWE Champion to get yourself that attention. Especially when you happen to be a former co-worker of the champion. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Dreamer here.

    • Razmos01

      Are articles classed as tweets these days, man i must of way overslept!

  • Andrew Ellis

    DREAMER if you do something for somebody and its truly from the heart you never speak on it.with that being said I was a fan of yours matter of fact I was gonna order your ecw matches but now no way you suck.

    • XKonn247

      One comment and you change your mind? You a cena fan by any chance, mark?

  • Rich

    I believe Dreamer on this one, if I'm not mistaken he also evaluated talent from time to time. He was the one who bought Zack Ryder in. I can also believe that Punk's new status in the company paired with his backstage attitude didn't always add up to getting the higher ups on your side. As far as being over with the fans, I think Punk was very popular when he came in but when he turned heel people kinda stopped caring or hated him. He's a good anti-establishment hero, but fans don't really care for him as a heel.

    • Thats not true at all, when he became a heel against Jeff Hardy, he became way over with the fans. He lost a ton of steam after Hardy left and finally picked it back up and then some last summer.

      • Richard

        Punk was getting cheap heat because of people's love for Jeff Hardy. If he was a good heel then why did the Straight Edge Society or the New Nexus work? When you think about it he uses no part of either in his new "Greatest in the World" character. Even Punk knows that those gimmicks were wack and not for him.

  • I believe he is telling the truth, I interviewed Mike Bucci before. He actually said when it is time to cut guys, he would sit down with Ty Bailey and Johnny Ace to see which guy should not get cut, He too saved a lot of guy's asses. So I believe what Tommy said is actually true.

  • The Dave

    then why did he hv his last match in wwe against zack ryder not punk?

  • Miles

    How can you pass judgement on what Tommy Dreamer may or may not have said unless you were privy to the conversation, how many pints of blood has this man bled for our enjoyment, show some respect. Punk’s only big in wwe due to the restrictions on steroid/hgh use, otherwise he’d probably just be cruiserweight material, lucky for him the majority of the talent are now 40lbs lighter than 5 or 6 years ago, look at the bulk Orton has lost since 2005. If people like Eddie and Chris Benoit had not passed, we’d be still watching roided up wrestlers who “look the part” which punk clearly does not. On the positive side to this at the start of the year we had three outstanding wrestling talents who are all passable as a cruiserweight holding belts in the top company with not a cena, HHH or Orton in sight

    • Richard

      I disagree with you on that one. If you look at Orton right before he left he looked pretty ripped. If you look at superstars like Ziggler and Rhodes these guys are getting six packs overnight. Cena is still stacked, as a matter of fact the only superstar from the era you speak of that looks bad now is Triple H. And if I'm not mistaken Punk's first title reign was about 5 years ago, I think you need guys like this from time to time to switch it up a little. I think VKM isn't a retard, he knows that everyone love an underdog that we can see ourselves as. He knows we don't always need to see some perfect god bodies champion all the time.

  • bntafa

    i dont like punk

    • Matt Finnie

      Cena Mark! 😉