Tony Atlas Reveals Masochistic Fetish

TMZ has an article online featuring WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas. In it, Atlas shows off video footage at an independent wrestling event of women kicking him in the face and punching him. Atlas has a masochistic fetish he's so proud of he touts the footage and defends it.

"I, Tony 'Mr. USA' Atlas, WWE Hall of Famer, am free to be me. And there is nothing greater on this Planet Earth than to get kicked and punched in the face by a big-footed girl."

Click here for the bizarre footage.

Thanks to WNW reader Mathew Lisett for sending us the link.

  • Frenchfry

    I guess that whole sorting out all the info you get and deciding whats necessary for us to read didnt really come into play here ey

    • Richard Gray

      No it did. Stuff like this always raises the question… run it or not? Just because I run it doesn't mean I agree with it or it's "pretty." But this is too bizarre to simply ignore.

      • Daniel

        All I did was smile and laugh. One man's enjoyment is another man's laugh and another man's disgust.

    • William Shatner

      To each their own, Frenchy. People do far worse things in life than that.

  • Doug

    Now I've seen it all. What else is left? Good thing he's already in the WWE HOF. As JR might say, Good Gosh Almighty!

  • Henry

    Well I wish him all the best with it…..

  • This is screaming out to be the next DLC for WWE 13.

  • Dave D

    He was at a Indy show that I attended and in that match, he tagged with a guy named “Phil Latio” pronounced “Fellatio” and at the end of the match, brandished his secret foreign object of a rubber dildo and started beating his opponent with it and swinging it around like a lasso…

    This guy certainly lost a lot of credibility with this behaviour and with the above story, IMO

    • Doug

      Is that for real? Good Lord, truth is stranger than fiction.

  • NameofTheRest

    I commend Tony, not enough people own their little quirks. The more public figure out there that are proud of their fetishes or quirks the more they may be excepted, and not deemed bizarre. Fetishes like this are more common then you'd think.

  • So that’s why he chose to be a wrestler.