Tony Chimel's Future In WWE With Lilian Garcia Returning; Vince McMahon High Up On The Bella Twins

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- Tony Chimel has been reassigned in WWE and will remain with the company despite being replaced on this week's Smackdown by the returning Lilian Garcia. Chimel more or less fell into the role as Smackdown's ring announcer when Justin Roberts was moved to Raw when Garcia originally left the company in 2009. WWE searched hard for the next Lilian Garcia but never found one.

- Vince McMahon is said to be high up on The Bella Twins and feels they are easy to book in effective storylines because the fact they are twins.

  • sforester

    McMahon is high on the Bella twins, but are the fans? Bahahahaha NO.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      YES! oh Hell YESS!! I like the Bella Twins.

      • sforester

        For more than just their looks Patrick? 😛

        • Dale De Souza

          I secretly think they're being seriously underutilized 😛 hahaha. Seriously though, whether the fans like them or not, the fact is that they aren't doing anything onscreen except flirting with Del Rio. I actually would not mind having to take them seriously.

          Hell, Eve I take as seriously as Beth Phoenix or Natalya (although mostly because Eve's got some knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which can work well into one's pro wrestling moveset if you work it in just right). Why not give the Bellas a chance? i mean, beats Kelly Kelly being in the spotlight all the damn time. Need we be reminded that this same blonde bombshell, lovely as she looks, lost to Layla by a scoop slam? Give someone else the torch and see what they do with it.

  • tna

    intresting that vince goes on a trip with them and kofi and suddenly hes high up on them hmmm..

  • Ernest Bethea

    The Bellas can't wrestle so the best thing Vince and WWE could do is backstage stuff.

  • jeb

    Again? The whole reason the divas division got worse this year was because the Bella twins were used too much.

    • gpturbo81

      thats 1/100th of the problem. did you see the way the divas match ended on monday. wow we haven't seen that before.

  • Max

    It's hard enough to write good storylines for one wrestler. Why does he think it will be easier because there are two of them?

  • Ruck

    Could it be that the reason Vince is high on the Bellas is because they went low on Vince??

  • drhaase

    vince being high up on the work of the Bellas makes me chuckle

  • Tab

    The bells twins cannot wrestle I hope they are not in anymore storey lines ffs!

  • j8duong

    vince mcmahon obviously has a twin fetish

  • Rob

    Fresh meat …

    • cristina

      I highly doubt they're what you'd call "fresh" if what Maria Kanellis said about them is true. She kind of hinted that the Bellas do um..favors for old Johnny Lauranitis there…ewww.

  • infamous743

    I’d rather see cena hold all the titles then another crappy dIva’s match

  • Vin Sidious

    "High up" on them? Really? Really?? Is he confusing "effective storylines" with "marginal backstage timekilling vignettes?" Let's face it: Number of a$$es put in seats by Bella Twins = Zero. Number of Bella Twins t-shirts sold= 8 (okay, its a generous guess.) I have nothing against the Bellas, but their sole value to the WWE product is as eye-candy.

  • thatguy

    well lets see. vince and the twin are in another country together and now they are his fav? im sure he had some fun

  • Wendy

    Wow, I thought there'd be more of a discussion here about Tony Chimel. He is a much better announcer than both Lilian Garcia and Justin Roberts. And he has been with WWE for a significant period of time. I think this "reassignment" is a real slap in the face to a great worker who deserves alot better. Shame on you Vince, way to make a guy feel like he's not wanted nor needed. Horrible.