Tony Nese Says He Requested His Release From TNA

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Tony Nese confirmed today on his official Twitter account that he requested his release from TNA. His post is included below:

I wanted to be the first to inform everyone that I have requested my release from TNA Wrestling. As a professional wrestler I have many goals and dreams that I work hard to achieve, one of them was to have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience on national television and I thank TNA Wrestling for providing me with that opportunity. Another goal of mine is to wrestle against some of the top international superstars with the chances to travel the world and work for some of the best international companies that have the best talent in wrestling today.

I have recently been approached with an opportunity to step in the ring with The Great Muta, a wrestling legend, and one of All Japan Pro Wrestling's top wrestlers Kai. This is an opportunity that I feel with help me further my goals and career. This event will be provided via IPPV and unfortunately my TNA contract did not allow me to perform on such events. I requested that an exception would be granted given my lack of appearances but was denied. My next action was to request a release as I think it will be in my best interest.

I would like to thank TNA Wrestling for helping me achieve one of my goals as it is very few in this business that are able to say they have. I would also like to thank all the people that support me as this is just a small chapter coming to an end in my career and I have many more exciting opportunities in my future to come. - Anthony Nese

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Fernando for sending this in.

  • havoc525


    • Josh

      Chris Masters was his WWE name

      • Brandon

        Thanks Josh. This really make my day. LOL

  • kok

    If you dont get a fair go then requesting a realese is the way to go having 4 matches in 6 months unacceptable

  • Levi Aldebol

    Tony Nese, Chris Masters or whatever name he's going by these days wasn't being used by TNA, so why wouldn't they simply give him the exception to go to Japan? That's pretty selfish on their part, don't you think? I hope they do the right thing and grant the release so he can go ahead and wrestle The Great Muta.

  • Kevin

    Uh, when did he appear on TNA television? I'd heard that Chris Masters was released by WWE and picked up by TNA months ago, and I've seen every episode of TNA Impact wrestling, either on television or online. I don't recall seeing him perform on any of their television shows.

  • Jeremy

    For all the above comments, Chris Masters is not Tony Nese and he's not in TNA. The only thing closest to him being in TNA was his involvement in Ring Ka King and that's it. This Tony Nese (formerly Anthony Nese) guy is a different wrestler.

  • Brandon

    I think this guy is a good friend of Zack Ryder. Why don't he try WWE? This great talent was released yet Brooke Hogan got a job as an executive? Just die, TNA. You've suffered for a very long time.