Tony Schiavone Resurfaces Talking WCW In New Interview; Joey Styles Says He'll Never Call Pro Wrestling Matches Again

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Arda Ocal sent in the following:

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network and the Baltimore Sun spoke with…

Tony Schiavone (@tonyschiavone24):

- His thoughts on the infamous moment where he spoiled Mankind's championship victory on Nitro and fans switched to watch it on Raw. "I would have turned the channel.". Also talking about the moral battle he had with spoiling the competitors results on live TV

- The recent run-in he had with CM Punk at his radio station.

- His career highlight calling his first match at Madison Square Garden with Lord Alfred Hayes.

- Why he decided to move on from Pro Wrestling after the sale of WCW. "Now's the chance to get out of it. Why don't I take it."

Joey Styles (@JoeyStyles):

- Revealing that he'll never return to call pro wrestling matches again. "No. Never. No."

- His career highlight calling the ECW originals match at WM23 with Tazz

- His involvement with, including editing articles and improving the content thanks to the leadership of Stephanie McMahon

- If CM Punk would have succeeded in the original ECW: "Oh, he would have been champion."

- What it was like to call whole shows solo: "Having a good colour man is a huge help. Having a bad colour man is a huge hindrance."

  • Tyler Bowles

    I kinda liked Tony Schiavone as an announcer.

    • Richard Gray

      He overhyped a lot but hearing his voice makes me reminisce about my childhood.

      • Tone

        I agree. Wasn’t the best but Tony has been announcing for a long time.

      • Locus

        I Disagree. I mean if your talking overhyped than you should be talking about Michael cole. In my view tony was a better and more of a Professional Announcer than JR or Jerry. No Disrespect. Just letting you know my Opinion. And much respect for your Opinion aswell. Btw im a wrestleing fan from the 80’s.

        • Andrew Ace

          You’re a Jobber. Michael Cole is a good anouncer. He knows what he’s talking about and he can get the crowd going because of his character. He plays his character good that’s why everyone hates on him

      • kbunyon

        Richard, I completely agree. I can't say my childhood, but his voice brings me back to a certain time in wrestling that makes me smile.


  • David

    "This is the greatest interview in the history of our sport!"

  • _JIM_

    Tony was definitely an over hyper at times, but he got to call a ton of great matches and I mean a ton. I say that because the WCW product was far superior to WWF’s up until the Attitude Era began. Even then WCW was right there until it started falling apart when Time Warner got control. I absolutely loved NWA/WCW due to it’s realism of angles and characters. They were light years ahead of the cartoon like world of WWF. When The 4-Horsemen were battling Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA, Sting, or The Road Warriors with ball bats, closing arms in car doors, and having spectacular PPV’s like War Games the WWF was having characters like The Gobblety Gooker and The Bushwhackers running around. It was just ridiculous in comparison and I miss WCW to this day.

  • _JIM_

    I miss Joey Styles. It’s to bad we won’t get to hear a good old “OH MY GOD!!” or “CAT FIGHT!!” again. Great great stuff. He definitely was a classic and won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Just like the promotion that he worked for.

  • Lenny

    Just as JR is the voice of the WWE, i feel Tony Schiavonne was the voice of WCW and Joey Styles was the voice of ECW!


    I never watched ECW but I have a lot of respect for Joey. I think every wrestling (or sports entertainment) fan should listen to this interview. He truly cares about the business. I commend him for wanting to be home with his family. He really sheds light on the vision of today's WWE and Vince's mentality. I think that if fans would look at the overall picture, they'd truly see that Vince does care about wrestling. The bottom line is you have to change with the times or you'll get left behind. In business if you don't you eventually are out of business.

  • Christopher K.

    Great To See Tony Schiavone again..I Miss his commentary.

  • Eohh

    Schiavone is supposed to have a HUGE ego.Yeah,stay in the south and be the big fish in small pond.