Top Legend "Fully Intends" To Return To WWE; Who It Is & More

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I'm told Ric Flair still "fully intends" to return to WWE and is simply "waiting out" the ongoing litigation with TNA Wrestling. The feeling is if the issues aren't resolved soon, WWE will "get creative" to find a way to get him back to the company.

There have been multiple ideas pitched for Flair, including roles on and off screen, but my sources say he wants to be employed by the company that controls the career of his daughter.

  • Sam The Man


  • Kerri

    I don't care if I get 100 thumbs down but-

    NOOO. I'm tired of Flair and really don't wan him coming back to any wrestling promotion, WWE, TNA or indy fed. Please Flair, just go away.

    • PainOfDemise

      I agree. I'm perfectly fine with him working backstage and behind the scenes, but with TNA he was just over exposed and it did nothing for him.

      He's just starting to come off as the those grandparents who still think they are hip but are really just embarrassing themselves.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Reading this made me think the Brooklyn brawler was coming back to wrestle

    • Kleck

      I thought maybe it was a Stone Cold WM update

  • matt

    somebody buy Flair a nice house on the beach on the condition that he doesn't bother the wrestling business anymore, he's stunk up the joint enough

  • Sporter1308

    Just what the WWE needs, another has been taking up screen time.

  • outkazt09

    Bring Scott steiner that guy is gold in the mic.

  • smithmiester

    Forget wooooooo, more like nooooooo!

  • smithmiester

    I really could not bare to see flair trip over air again

  • Nostaljack

    A legacy that should have been bulletproof…has been tarnished. I'm in agreement with many of the posters here. Enough already. He has lost his ability to talk (how, I'll never understand), and, as happens with age, his work has quite naturally suffered. What else is there? WWE wouldn't benefit from him in a managerial position because he can't talk anymore. Give him an office job and keep him off-camera. That way, he can make money and not tarnish his legacy any further.