Top TNA Star Says Raw Crowd Helped Him Make Important Career Decision

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Bully Ray Tweeted the following:

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  • Michael Grooms

    He is going out for a Deep Dish Pizza?

  • Bob’s Diner

    He is moving to Chicago to sell CM Punk t-shirts full time

  • jdl

    He’s come to realize he’s fat, slow old and completely without talent, and will be announcing his retirement tonight so he can open a nail salon.

    • David F.

      Actually he is in better shape recently. and lost weight plus his calves are sick!! Hopefully he can get Devon on weight loss program and reunite team 3D for one last run in WWE. Maybe put Stephanie McMahon through a table lol

    • This will be classless on my part but…open a nail salon…ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • John

      Did you watch TNA in 2013? Bully Ray was the #1 heel in the business during his Aces & Eights/Title reign. Your comments are ridiculous!

  • Ribo

    You know it is guys like these commenting that makes me wonder why; 1 i bother with news sites as the comments have become totally negative and asinine and 2 how the reporters hold their tongues when such idiots sprout their moronic gibberish. Bully Ray is a guy who has worked hard to get to a spot where many of you insightful tools 10 years ago wouldn’t have believed it was the same guy. Comments like those from jdl. Lay your life and aspirations down so we can all have a good little chuckle. Enjoy Wrestling for what it is, a show, and stop with all your BS bleating. When Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan where calling Manias we neverhad the negative turd on everything disease that is the keyboard fans of today. Hell i will even go back to Solie. There used to be a time when respect for others in all walks of life meant something. Not so much these days.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Is that you, Bootista?

  • Eva Marie

    Bully Ray? Hasn’t he heard the B.A. STAR campaign?

  • I’ll take a guess too. He’s calling it a career.

  • doob420

    I take it as, he really misses the crowd reactions. Monday’s crowd was off the chain. did you hear them chant C.M. Punk evertime Triple H & Stephen came out? I think “Bubba” realise he won’t get that type of reaction in TNA anymore. I’m pretty sure when his contract’s. up, he’s going back to WWE. Hopefully Devon will go alone.

    • He’ll never get back to WWE. Triple H and he don’t get along at all from what I understand. Plus, he’d have a tougher time than Bootista. He’s definitely not one of those who could return and be “over.” Add to that his rather long stint and TNA and he’s DOA.

  • Clint

    Oh My God, he cant be thinking of………. doubling his training on his calf muscle, dont do it youll only crap your jeans, or the more plausible he is leaving Impact Wrestling