Top WWE Star Extremely Frustrated Over Spot In The Company & Booking On Recent PPV, The Briscoe Brothers To WWE Update, More On TNA Releases Both In The Office & To The Roster

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Dolph Ziggler Frustrated

Dolph Ziggler was very frustrated with the decision to take the World Heavyweight Championship off him at WWE Payback last month. While he understands it was part of a double turn that also involved Alberto Del Rio, he was very disappointed in his title reign that had been in the works since the Money in the Bank pay-per-view last year. Ziggler was badly concussed to the point where he lost nearly two days of his memory. He required a lot of rest and downtime only to come back and end up getting booked under.

The Briscoes to WWE Update

Neither Jay nor Mark Briscoe have signed deals with WWE. It is likely they were comped for their front row tickets on Saturday night as they live close to Ocean City, Maryland and have connections within the company.

More on TNA Cuts

The reason for the cuts in both the TNA office and to the talent roster are completely budget related. The company is spending more money with television and production on the road and is being forced to "trim the fat" in whatever ways possible. Dixie Carter, who has a reputation for being extremely caring, takes the cuts personally and doesn't notify talent herself. Al Snow has had the daunting task of informing talent.

  • amaanakter

    I sincerly hope that Ziggler whenever this feud ends, Dolph has the World Heavyweight Championship back

  • John

    It’s obvious that Ziggler is going to end up regaining the world heavyweight title. Having the babyface chase the heel for the title is the oldest trick in the book.

  • Simon Veitch

    I can definitely see why ziggler would be pissed, he’s worked so hard and dropped the belt right after a concussion that wasn’t even remotely his fault. Its a real shame.