Top WWE Star & Former World Heavyweight Champion Furious Over Their Current Position In The Company, Details On Why They Oppose Their Upcoming Creative Plans & How They Have Threatened To Leave The Company Over It

Mark Henry is very unhappy in WWE right now and was vehemently opposed to dropping the World Heavyweight Championship because of injury. I'm told while Henry has been assured he's slated for a big babyface push soon, he's "completely against it" and has talked of retiring when his contract expires.

As one source put it bluntly, "WWE has a pretty grumpy World's Strongest Man on their hands."

Henry feels his hard work helped re-establish Smackdown in the ratings and the show should have continued to be built around his heel push under the "hall of pain" gimmick.

One source with knowledge of Henry's mindset tells me under the condition of anonymity that he feels like WWE cut the legs out from under him way too soon. He hasn't remained silent either, making his discontent very well known.

Remember Henry said prior to his main event push in March 2011 he was in the final 18 months of his career.

  • BollyMexCPhT

    I would have to agree with Henry. Smackdown ratings went up cause of him. Mark "RATINGZ" Henry.

  • Angel Psymon

    I also agree with Henry. His whole "I'm going to induct you…" campaign was intriguing with the idea of who is going to stop this beast. From the moment he threw that sound guy 20 feet off of that platform, I was sold on the idea of this unstoppable behemoth.

    A babyface push after all of that? His babyface mentality 1-2 years ago made me forget that he was even a main event contender.

  • PainOfDemise

    Can't blame the guy. He finally got up to the top and now they just took it away from him. He makes a good heel and they should of stuck with it.

  • Nails

    Mark shouldn't be upset. He is still in the main event picture and why is it not possible for him to win the title again.

  • J-Dub

    Mark Henry is not a baby face. Just look at him and you can clearly see Heel. Someone you would run from in a dark alley should not be a baby face.

    • Angel Psymon

      Plus, that entrance music he uses sounds like a slow, lumbering monster; not a babyface.

  • Kim

    He stated he was going to retire, apparently he is having 2d thoughts!

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I understand being upset but running your mouth in the company is a good way to gt backstage heat on him. he needs to keep quiet at lease in public.

  • Bizzle12

    Wwe doesn’t see a good thing when it’s in there face anymore