Top WWE Star Helps Matt Bloom (Formerly Giant Bernard & A-Train) Get Rehired By WWE - Details On Who It Was That Got Him The Job, First Plans For The Lord Tensai Gimmick, Why Bloom Denied His Signing On Twitter, Relationship With The WWE Office, How Word Quickly Spread To The Internet, More

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I'm told Matt Bloom has been in touch with John Laurinaitis about returning to WWE for the last few years. My sources reports Bloom was always told there was "nothing for him."

Recently, there was a creative idea pitched  to have someone as the on-screen "muscle" for Laurinaitis and Bloom's name was one that was tossed around.

It was actually The Undertaker that helped Bloom land the opportunity. I'm told Undertaker spoke highly of Bloom, which ended up pushing his name to the top of the list. WWE contacted Bloom and offered him a deal if he was interested.

The deal wasn't exactly a big secret backstage as many were talking over the weekend. When the story first made it online, Bloom was upset because he didn't want the leak costing him the job. Remember, leaks have cost people jobs before as I can recall a situation with Trevor Murdoch. This is why Bloom denied the reports on Twitter and was hoping he doesn't get blamed for the story going public.

Given the fact WWE went forth with their vignettes for Bloom as Lord Tensai on last night's Raw Supershow, there are definitely plans for an immediate spot on the main roster. I haven't heard if the creative plans still involve Laurinaitis but those are likely to develop in the coming weeks.

  • Dustyn

    I’m curious if they will talk about his past in the WWE, as well as how he got this new name (NJPW mention)

  • Patrick_Peralta

    just wonderfull all I don't need to see more Big Johnny now it won't suprise me to see Albert costing team Teddy the match…. if that happens there goes another reason not to watch WWE.

    • GODSENT83

      Ok so don’t, all you do is complain about it anyways

      • Matt Scott

        I find it very hard to disagree with GODSENT on most things and as usual he's right.

  • christopher525

    Not sure I care for the gimmick, I think he should have come back as himself, he's talented enough, he and Kane had some really good matches back in the day.