Top WWE Star Livid Over Alberto Del Rio Winning The World Heavyweight Championship On Smackdown - Who It Is & Why This Foiled Preliminary Plans For A Main Event Match At Wrestlemania 29

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We're told Ryback was very unhappy with Alberto Del Rio beating Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship on last week's Smackdown. Ryback had been under the impression that he would be beating Big Show for the title at Wrestlemania 29.

My source says this could still be the case, or they may go in another direction, but Ryback was hoping the company had plans to keep the title on Show until they had a main event match at Wrestlemania.

One observer reminds there is a lot of time between now and then, so the company could put the belt back on Big Show, but we're told Ryback voiced his displeasure over the situation to a few people backstage.

This same observer says they wouldn't be surprised if WWE was testing Ryback by teasing him with the title and seeing how he reacts when plans appear to change. There is a lot of nervousness about how he'll handle the pressure and responsibility if/when he's really given the ball and depended on to carry one of the brands later this year.

  • Pluto

    And now the plot thickens

  • John

    Thank god the WWE realised that fans no longer find it impressive when someone lifts up the Big Show ! That has to be the only reason they even wanted to do this match in the first place & i for one am not interested in seeing Ryback hit Big Show with his finisher then have the WWE try & sell it like it’s never been done before!

  • Oh my god! Ryback thinks hes a big deal hes really not! He couldn’t even carry the Punk feud it was Punk all the way and Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns outshone him in thier first match! What hope has he got for carrying Smackdown!

  • Jim

    I think Ryback is biting off a little more than he can chew. (Pun intended)

  • Michael

    Ryback has a point the guy has bust his butt in a few dangerous matches both last year and this year he deserves to win a major heavyweight title. Hell the last thing I read about Alberto was that he was rubbing people the wrong way talking about not resigning once his contract is up and Vince attempting to humble him and not strapping him then he’s getting strapped really really really. I hope they either have Dolph cash in or Show regain and Ryback wins the Rumble and defeats one of them at mania.

    • Pluto

      I think Ryback has ever right too be upset, as any perso would be in this circumstance but he has too understand that plans change often. I remember hearing that Del Rio was suppose too go over Edge to win the title at WM only for the plans too change close to the last minute. So stuff like this does happen, it’s all apart of paying your dues in the business.

      • Nostaljack

        Ryback has NO right to be upset whatsoever. Attitude issues don’t go over well with McMahon. Just ask Swagger. He really needs to keep his trap shut and go with it. Very stupid move on his part and one that might cost him.

        • Pluto

          So your telling me if you were in his shoes you wouldn’t be disappointed or upset? I think anyone including me or you would be. He has a right too feel anyway he wants, the real issue/problem is him going around and complaining too people backstage about it, that’s were the problem lies. Being upset isn’t what got Ryback into trouble, him sharing his personal feelings about it too everyone is what will probably get him into trouble with McMahon.

          • Nostaljack

            I really wouldn’t. I would be glad I was the in spot I was in. It wasn’t long ago that he was languishing as Skip Sheffield. How quickly they forget. When people run their mouths and don’t just “suck it up”, McMahon reacts…badly. Ryback shouldn’t be speaking *at all*.

  • Gary Robert

    Having Ryback go over Show at WM would have made more sense had they continued the “unstoppable” Big Show character for another 3 months heading into WM. Now, he’s already lost to Del Rio so throwing the belt back on him just to have Ryback beat him makes it look much less impressive when or if it happens. Del Rio actually seemed pretty over on RAW so, if you ask me, I think you need to keep the belt on him now for a while.

  • Patrick

    I’m beating that Vince is testing Ryback and how he handles it when plans change…..hearing reports that Ryback is unhappy is not suprising he has a right to be as anyone would be ..but the fact he is voicing his displeasure backstage is the WRONG thing to do.. he is showing he is not mature enough to handle the responibility of being a World champion and carrying the company at a later date……THAT is the problem of many young talent……I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be unhappy but don’t go around complaining about it out loud. that will get back to Vince and other officals and prove to them your not ready.

  • Julio

    So this all but guarantees that ryback will win the royal rumble. I wouldn’t b suprised if he gets a very 2012 sheamus type baby face push towards WM.

  • Stoney

    This is why Swagger’s push ended, got a main event push and already started acting like he was above everyone else