Top WWE Star Suffers Concussion; Out Of Elimination Chamber Match

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Randy Orton suffered a concussion during his singles match against Big Show (in which Daniel Bryan interfered) at last night's WWE Raw Supershow from San Diego, California. Orton will not be medically cleared to compete by Sunday and as a result will be unable to participate in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship.  The WWE writing team is aware of the injury and will be replacing Orton in the match.

The official WWE website has confirmed the injury as you can view an excerpt from their article below:

"Randy sustained head trauma following his match with Big Show, in which Daniel Bryan interfered, and he was evaluated in the training room immediately afterward," WWE physician Dr. Michael Sampson told "Due to his symptoms as well as his neurological evaluation, he was diagnosed with a concussion. We will be doing more testing to see how he's going to do as far as short term vs. long term."

Orton will not be cleared to compete in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match this Sunday.

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Under the WWE Wellness Policy, Orton will be required to pass an ImPACT test and then receive clinical clearance by a certified physician before he will be able to return the ring. While I'm unaware if Orton has been tested, initial ImPACT tests are usually conducted 24-72 hours post injury. If failed, the test is usually administered 2-3 days after the first post injury ImPACT test.

Thanks to Wrestling News World writer Dan Haase and readers Jon Robertson & Ryan for sending us the link.

  • scorpio21

    Here comes Mark Henry!!

  • Gesusoliver

    Dang. One more injury and Orton will hae to go to management about himself being injury prone. I hope he doesn't get himself fired.

    • Bob

      Serves him right. For all of the trash he is known to talk about all the guys backstage,I don’t know how he still has a job.

      • kbunyon

        While not defending Orton as I don't know what really goes down backstage, but would you really want to be in the ring with someone you don't trust? Every time they step into the ring their careers and lives are in the hands of those in there with them, so I understand stepping up and saying something.

        Yes, Orton does have more pull backstage than most, but saying he doesn't deserve his job because he was troublesome when young and is willing to speak his mind when something comes up, I think is taking things too far. While I believe Orton got away with too much backstage when he was young, he's really cleaned his act and we've heard virtually nothing of Orton causing trouble since he got married and they had their child.

        I know everyone is able to speak their mind, but that goes for Orton backstage as well as us here.


  • Jonathan

    Is this because of Bryan's belt shot?

    • Jon Robertson

      No, its because he was advertised for the Rockford Super Smackdown Show. He refuses to come…

      • Ryan

        Im glad orton’s got his personal life under control,but that doesn’t excuse the fact that Orton does not deserve the spot he has. He’s been boring in the ring and on the mic ever since he’s turn heel. I just dont why,except the huge crowd reactions,they put him consistently in the Smackdown main event. btw Have you noticed that in almost all of Randy’s matches lately he’s been dominating his matches lately. I have nothing against a highly contested match,but Orton’s matches have been very lop-sided. I mean people will interfere in his matches,which wrestling 101 dictates that orton wold lose,but he wins anyway and in a dominating fashion. It’s very frustrating to see Orton go over clean over say,Dolph Ziggler,when it doesn’t do a bit of good for Orton,but makes Ziggler a joke. I just can’t stand stuff like that.

  • Andy

    man, he is is having some bad luck lately.

  • Wes

    If so you may see dbry get massive depush, you can’t hurt the golden boy even on accident

  • Patrick

    Never wish injury on a talent, but it seems like an injury is the only way that an over bearing main event talent will get some time off and allow another worker to get a chance. Orton doesn’t need the chamber to shine or establish himself. Bring Christian or del rio to take his place (BTW I’m posting this before reading the smackdown spoilers)

  • kyle

    I think they are using the title shot to the head as a cover up because if you watch the ending to the match, when randy orton tried doing the first rko(which botched) it look like he twisted his leg or something.

    • tom

      concussion are a big issue now in sports. They aren't going to use that to cover another injury.

  • Jay

    Screw the taker vs hhh match!!! Put taker ok this, have him win and have sheamus eat him for the title and to end the streak. Would be brilliant

    • Jay

      Horrible spelling. My bad. Meant in not ok and beat not eat

  • Mark

    Randy Boreton is gonna get GOT!

  • jonathon212

    is this a legit injury or a storyline injury ?

    • mike

      it's legit don't be a cynic

    • Alex P

      I doubt it's a storyline…I mean there's no reason for WWE to take one of their top stars out of PPV's main event for the sake of a storyline.

  • haley

    henry or christian is going to take orton’s place but it’s gonna be christian cause henry is still nursing an injury

  • chelu671

    I”m surprised Big Show or Daniel Bryan wasn’t future endeavored. When you hurt Orton in any way, you usually lose your push or job. Circa Mr. Kennedy & Kingston

  • Aldo T

    Big Show be future endeavored? Never. Simply because Vince counts on guys such as his size.

    As for D-Bryan.. Well.. I could careless. He doesn't impress me as a heel, in fact.. I actually turn the volume off every single time he comes out or even change the channel.

    Don't get me wrong, he's a great wrestler, but his gimmick needs to be tweaked a bit.

  • 7028brethart

    Has the wwe completely forgotten about Jack Swagger, perfect to replace Orton.

    • bettysteve

      isn't jack in the poo for doing something wrong recently? l mean, l thought they were de-pushing him for some backstage slight?!

    • Orton won’t be going anywhere he has contract with wwe until 2019. He will be there much longer. Future hall of famer! Daniel, he just knew he couldn’t beat Big Show and he got pissed. Love Randy.

  • Herro

    Theres goes my wm.match ortan bs sheamus

    • ViperDaughter

      I want that to happen to me too. See that is what why i freakin hate Daniel Bryan. He is freakin SOB! >=|

  • RatedMKD

    Skipping down to the end of these to avoid comments. Would just like to remind people to be cautious about potentially posting spoilers. There’s a reason that this is the only SmackDown-related article that I’ve visited today.

  • capman

    sounds to me that Orton's career is coming close to being over. This is his third concussion in under two years

    • Orton won’t be going anywhere he has contract with wwe until 2019. He will be there much longer than that. Daniel is gona lose his belt. He hit Orton cuz he knows he can’t beat big show. Love u Orton. Daniel, u suck!!!

    • Orton won’t be going anywhere he has contract with wwe until 2019. He will be there much longer than that. Daniel is pissed cuz he can’t beat the Big Show. Get well, Love Orton

  • Wwe4L76

    Omg… Santino replaced him :S

  • Dave Barton

    Interesting…a guy known for punting others in the head, now has a concussion.

    • mike d

      What a joke!!!!

  • I find this very annoying that 1 of wwe’s top guys is out on the shelf again and that wwe
    Is putting top superstars on the shelf just to make it more exciting when it is not because we want to see the faces (good guys) win and they’r making the bad guy’s win and they say that they’r going to give the fans what they want but they are not because they are making the bad people win and that is not what we want to see.

  • AJG316

    When I found out that orton is out of the chamber I immediately thought of a fatal 4 way between dibiase mahal hunico and a returning Christian with Christian winning but when I found ur that santino was in the chamber a moment ago I was like Jerry lawler 4 a moment all I said was WHAT?!?!?!

  • ViperDaughter

    I Hate this because Daniel Bryan had to hit him for no FREAKIN reason. I hate this. I would just wish i can kick Daniel Bryan's ass

  • Amber

    Putting Santino in there makes no sense to me. I mean, I adore Santino.. but isn't he a Raw superstar? I know they've been putting all the wrestlers on both shows, but I wouldn't think they'd use certain ones in brand specific matches like these.

    And, even though Santino is mostly just for comedic relief, putting him in a match this big as just a replacement kind of annoys me. It's obvious that he's not going to even make a dent in the match… and I'm really starting to wish they'd use guys like him as more than just people to step on and use when it's convenient or they're a guy short.

  • LizzyStyles

    Daniel Brian better bnot still be champion after Sunday cuz he doesn’t deserve that title he is a worthless champion

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