Total Divas Returning For Season 2 In March 2014

Total Divas concluded its 14-episode first season Sunday night on E. The show has been renewed by the network and will return in March 2014. The following Tweets are from the show's verified Twitter account:

  • Respects others

    It is a surprisingly good gutsy show. Unfortunately John Cena has proven to be a selfish, obsessed total s$&t!

  • Mike Meyer

    This show is actually better than Monday Night Raw, lol. That isn’t a lie either. There is even more drama on Total Divas but maybe that’s because it isn’t PG but TV14 mostly because of Nikki’s constant talk about sex with Cena, haha. Can’t wait for season two to see if Nikki breaks up with him.

  • Timothy Hines

    I hope Nikki does break you with john I hate john cena for the way he treated Nikki I will have to tell you Nikki bella been their for john cena and not only Nikki been their for john cena Nikki been very very good to john cena and what john cena has done to Nikki bella made me very sad if I was dating a hot sexy girl in her 20s that has been nothing but good to me I will never In my life do what john cena has done Nikki I am not like john cena and never will be like john cena he made some good movie I am proud of that If Nikki bella has been nothing but good to me I will never pull what john cena has pulled on this hot sexy women Nikki bella deserve a lot better then what john cena some who will appreciate her being their for you right I need a young hot sexy red haired women in her 20s that will be their for me NOT john cena

    • TC

      You’re an idiot. If you’ve been watching the episodes John specifically stated before they were even a “thing” what he didn’t want out of the relationship. John is wrong in many of peoples eyes including myself to an extent but, it’s also understandable and respectful what he has done. He doesn’t have enough faith in himself to be a father and a major superstar in the business so instead of neglecting either he has chosen to eliminate the latter options. Nikki knew of the cons of the relationship before she invested time and emotions and while it’s understandable that she has changed and wants different things but, it’s her own fault. Her best bet is to look for a guy that will fulfill her needs and wants since John isn’t looking to settle down yet in life.

  • Jcnb

    John vena and Nikki should stay