How Much "Total Divas" Has Impacted Plans For SummerSlam, Future Of MITB Briefcases, WWE Souring On Curtis Axel?, The Next Step In CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar, Releases Coming?, News On NXT Call-Ups

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- The general feeling backstage was that with "Total Divas" on E! debuting this month that WWE had to go ahead and do John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE title at SummerSlam. We're told this was a way to get the most out of the show and the publicity that will be generated with the real-life boyfriends of The Bella Twins squaring off at the pay-per-view of the summer. Bryan was still slated for a big push but some felt it would be delayed until the fall, however, the "Total Divas" tie-in was the determining factor.

- Expect speculation regarding the Money in the Bank briefcases to be rampant, however, the only thing that is for sure (if there is such thing in this business) is that WWE officials want one of the cases "cashed in" soon.  This way, they are able to capitalize off momentum from the pay-per-view and they do not have to worry about both being around in the long-term.

- WWE officials are not souring on Curtis Axel but there is some second-guessing about the booking of his character. Some believe the cheap count-out victories have hurt getting him over as a credible heel and they need to make sure to "protect him" as the initial idea isn't working.

- CM Punk is expected to "absolutely destroy" Brock Lesnar with some sort of gimmick on an upcoming episode of WWE Raw. According to a source, the company wants it to come across that despite the size difference, Punk is "capable of anything" because he has "snapped" after being "betrayed" by Paul Heyman.

- We're told WWE would like to call-up 3-5 developmental workers from now until the end of the year. Obviously this could mean roster cuts but nothing is confirmed.

  • Jay El Bee

    I’d say that Axel’s losses to Jericho did more to hurt his credibility than the so-called cheap count out victories did, I mean how do you lose to the guy that loses to everybody. Also it doesn’t matter what Punk does before SummerSlam, he will still look like a guy who doesn’t stand a chance in a one on one match with Lesnar.

  • Patrick

    They “HAD” to have Cena vs Bryan?….Gezzz from sounds of it , it comes across as they didn’t want to do the match up at all. so nice to see they have such faith in Bryan. ( says Sarcastically ) having the match just because of a Diva Show is a stupid reason to have the match..