Transcript Of A Dish Network Employee Lying To A Customer Over Elimination Chamber

Wrestling News World reader Donald, a Dish Network customer, was told on Monday they would be carrying WWE Elimination Chamber on Sunday. However, after continued reports of the provider dropping the pay-per-view, Donald went back to customer support for an update. Dish told him this time they would not be carrying the pay-per-view and it was WWE's decision, not theirs, because WWE was launching their own streaming service.

We all know this is a blatant lie by Dish Network as the WWE Network won't launch until Monday and the company wanted to keep their existing pay-per-view deals in place. This is a situation where Dish Network isn't getting their way and in turn is giving their customers the shaft.

Below is Donald's conversation with a Dish Network customer support representative in its entirety:

Dish Network Transcript

  • TheD33j

    Thanks for posting this Richard! This really puts a damper on what was going to be a fantastic PPV. My kids can’t stay up to watch the PPV in its entirety, so we relied on the ability to DVR the PPV and watch it the following evening. Hopefully, the WWE Network will have it available to watch Monday!

    • thepowerserge

      I’d just about assure that the E wants to do right by their fans, unlike Dish. Wouldn’t be surprised if Dish loses a good chunk of customers on the heels of this announcement, then try to fix it by offering some type of incentive or lowering their prices. Cable companies these days…

  • Lest anyone thinks less of “Mandy,” I doubt she lied. She’s a lowly telephone girl who can only see what’s on a computer screen. She likely had no clue and was simply telling customers what she was told to tell them.

    • Either way — it’s a lie. Look, I’m not a moralist but it really ticks me off when the big satellite/cable companies don’t get their way, they make their customers suffer. It’s absurd.

      • Kris Mystery

        Well isn’t the WWE basically giving the satellite/cable companies the shaft by offering up their own streaming service thereby drastically cutting into their PPV revenues?

        • WWE is taking a hit on PPV revenue as well. They’re doing what’s best for their customers. The traditional PPV model is lapsed and on its way out. They are not to blame here. The blame is DIRECTLY on Dish Network. Shame on them!

          • Kris Mystery

            I’m sure though Richard Dish Network couldn’t care less if WWE is taking a hit or not. They are about to lose a good hunk of change on decreased PPV buys… Why wouldn’t Satellite/Cable companies drop them immediately and prevent them from making money off them by offering the customers a product from a company that is about to shaft them? I’m actually a bit surprised other companies haven’t done the same thing. You give us the shaft we’ll give it right back and get a shot in while we can.

          • So instead of losing 80% revenue, they lose 100%. makes perfect sense.

          • Kris Mystery

            That’s not the point. They are preventing WWE from making money of of them. Just like WWE is preventing Dish Network from making money off them.

          • That’s completely the point. They’re being childish and their customers pay for it.

          • *snickers* Directly. lol (Sorry, I saw a pun and jumped on it.)

          • GODSENT68

            Yea made me snicker too

        • TheD33j

          This may cut their PPV revenues, but how much does it really cost for these cable providers to broadcast these events. The WWE invests far more money in presenting them and is hoping the WWE Network will cover these costs in the long run. It’s silly for these cable companies to pull a CM Punk (sorry Richard) when all they do is profit from these regardless of buyrates…

  • Zack

    The logic here is absurd. This is why you can’t let feelings get in the way of business because now Dish is losing money AND they look childish while doing it, probably costing themselves MORE money.

  • Justin Simpson

    A lie is a lie. Come on Teophilus, get a clue.

  • We signed a two year contract with Dish a year ago, we were out in 3 months because they did nothing but lie to us. I went back to Bright House Networks cable and have been MUCH happier. Dish needs a dramatic overhaul.

  • Vic Jose

    The logic is absurd, wwe has been carrying ppvs on their for a long time, I’m not sure how is much different than that.

  • j

    You could argue that she said it was the WWE’s decision to create their own streaming site, not that it was WWE’s decision for DISH not to carry the PPV.

  • Patrick

    while both sides just play games with each other. it doesn’t bother me since I haven’t ordered a WWE PPV in over 10 yrs..if I want to see it I’ll buy the DVD. or just wait untill RAW they always show what happen the night before anyway.

  • oppE&CtitlesBack

    Stream it for free. I have for the last 6 months. Yahoo search the ppv and find a free stream. Laptop+Hdmi+TV save 30 bux

    • Jack ‘Tristeza’ Hughes

      People still Yahoo search?

  • ron

    I have DirectTV and am assuming they are getting my last PPV $$ out if me. Also with the WWE network it is making me do some research to see if the 7-8 channels we basically watch are available online streaming via hulu or similar. If so I will do away with their services happily.

    • Michael Antonió

      I already did the same thing [research] and unless it’s on a network like HBO or Showtime, you can watch anything on Hulu/Hulu Plus [or the AMC site].

      I told Time Warner that I’m turning my cable off on Tuesday.

  • _JIM_

    Dish Network is a horrible satellite TV service to begin with. They are notorious for lying as it is. So nobody should be surprised by this. This is another lie like when they advertised that their Hopper DVR system could record any 6 programs at the same time. Which is totally not the case unless 4 of those programs are on network channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX. They also lied when they said that their basic service had all the channels that DirecTv’s service has for a lot less money. Which is also totally untrue, and to get those same channels you have to buy the next channel package up, and costs more than DirecTv’s basic package with the same channels. Dish ran all kinds of commercials and ad’s with blatent lies in them about DirecTv and about what Dish’s service could do better. None of which were true. Notice you don’t see those commercials anymore because they were forced to stop airing them. Dish customers do yourself a favor and get DirecTv already. I have worked for bith companies doing installations, and trust me DirecTv is the far better service. Plus DirecTv’s customer service actually does everything that they can to resolve any issue you have so that you are a happy customer. Dish’s customer service is almost as bad as their crappy system.