Trent Barreta Set To Return At Next Week's WWE NXT Tapings

After nearly 6 months of "searching," Trent has been found. Trent Barreta is expected to return from injury during the next set of NXT Wrestling tapings. Barreta promoted the following vignette for his return on his Twitter account:

  • bejealous

    1, 2, 3, 4!

  • Ken

    6 months of searching, eh?

    (I hadn't realised he was lost)

    • Andrew Ace

      Yeah it was a bit from Zack Ryders Z true long island stories

  • Chapinb0yy

    Damn I feel bad right now cause I actually remember Trent. Only I never knew he was injured. I thought he was backstage like everyone else doin nothing. Well glad he’s coming back. Well atleast to nxt. He has something to do.

  • Zach V

    you guys say he's coming back at the nest set of tapings when in fact the vignette says he's wrestling next week and the spoilers from the last set of tapings confirms that as well

  • Shawn

    He’s a guy who’s is very under the radar just needs the right gimmick or a tag team partner like caylin croft that was a tag team I thought had something because of the look