Trent Barreta Shoots On Kofi Kingston, Kofi Responds

Trent Barreta, who was released from WWE last week, had strong words for Kofi Kingston on Twitter. Here's a recap:


Trent Barreta & Kofi Kingston beef


  • Dangerous Lee

    You tell em’ Trent!!

  • B Haan

    ” Your Welcome ” 🙂 -Damien Sandow

  • Jerihoar

    And now starts the butt hurt ex employ tweets. Typical.

  • Nostaljack

    Wonder what color sour grapes Trent is snacking on??

  • disqus_lEraYbJKtA

    Sounds fake

  • Dustyn

    I recall that the two were travel partners back when Trent was on the road. I think their just having fun.