Top WWE Star Part Of Triple H's Agenda In Putting Brock Lesnar Over, Why Another Main Eventer Feels WWE Should Do The Rock vs. Brock At Wrestlemania, Who Vince Is Very High Up On, Update On Tag Teams

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Triple H's Agenda in Keeping Brock Lesnar Strong

It's become apparent that Vince McMahon could care less about putting Brock Lesnar over and would book any of "his guys" over the former UFC heavyweight champion just for a buyrate. However, Triple H disagrees and made sure he went under to Brock at SummerSlam so his future matches wouldn't be pointless and somewhat made up for the loss to John Cena at Extreme Rules. While some may point to the latter and say Hunter is more "in touch" with today's business, I'm assured he has his own agenda.

As I reported here on Premium, Hunter would prefer Lesnar putting over Sheamus at Wrestlemania XXIX. I'm told this is because of Triple H's friendship with Sheamus and not only that he sees Sheamus as "the future" but he wants him to get the big payday.

I'm told one top WWE star feels like if they are going to bring in part-time talent just to pop a show's buyrate they should do The Rock vs. Brock [at Wrestlemania] that way none of "their guys" have to do a job and both get on the show. This is something Vince isn't completely opposed too as one source says it goes right along with his short-term thinking. McMahon has been increasingly focused on the short-term and not near as worried about the long-term future.

From the Top Rope

In other news, I'm told Ryback remains atop Vince's list of stars he's high-up on and the WWE boss continues to go back and forth on the tag division.

  • Bault16

    Dixie would know how to use lesnar properly

    • Kleck

      They couldn’t give him the payday WWE did.

      • Nostaljack

        I doubt Dixie's mom would bankroll a Snickers bar for Brock Lesnar, let alone what Brock would ask to appear for TNA.

  • hurrigame

    Vince continues to show he no longer has any idea what the "WWE Universe" wants. Maybe H doesn't either, but at least it seems like he does. Guess it's VKM showing his age or, in an ironic twist, art imitating life (i.e. VKM becoming more like Billionaire Ted…)

    • Patrick Peralta

      Wrong he has ideas,,but he just does not care what the WWE Universe wants…Vince's thinking is clear WWE is his company he owns it and will do what he wants and if no one likes it to bad. that is his line of thinking.

      • hurrigame

        Which is EXACTLY the problem and my point. Worse yet, he still THINKS he’s the purveyor of all things “hip and cool,” but fails to realize the Cool Train passed him by a long time ago.

  • christopher525

    With that little blurb at the bottom, wouldn't doubt if Vince is wanting to put Ryback over Lesnar.

  • Andrew Ace

    It doesn’t matter if Brock goes over or under hes gonna draw regardless.