Triple H Angle Continues After Monday Night Raw

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Kayfabe continued backstage after Monday's episode of WWE Raw as cameras filmed Triple H being helped to the back after being "knocked out" by Big Show. It was said that Hunter suffered a concussion as Stephanie McMahon questioned how Show "got through security."

Below is a Tout of what happened:


As I wrote on Twitter Monday night, officials and referees came out to check on Hunter after Raw went off the air. Stephanie and The Shield came out as well to end the taping. This preceded the above happenings.

You wan watch the segment where Big Show delivered the KO punch to Hunter at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • WNW Fan

    I thought the ending of Raw was great.

  • The Real Brooklyn Brawler

    Would have been more believable if Big Show’s entrance music and video did not play….maybe a run-in through the crowd. Still a great punch from Show and bump from HHH.

    • Avalanchian

      Well like they said. How did he get by security without anyone stopping him. My guess is that Vince is gonna be a part of it.

      • Ricky

        It’s going to be like it was back in the Attitude Era. Vince returns to TV to keep HHH and Steph from “Screwing it up and worse.”

  • Patrick

    well they either play up that Vince is helping Big Show or play up he finally had enough and HHH owning his home or not doesn’t mean a thing to him anymore. he’s not going to be blackmailed anymore.

  • kingdook24

    But why would Vince side with Big Show? Is everyone forgetting that Vince was actually celebrating with HHH & Stephanie that night after Summerslam w/ Orton as Champion in the ring? Vince is all for what HHH & Steph are doing – so why would he have a change of heart? Storyline wise, he clearly wasn’t behind DB as Champion… he STILL isn’t Champion, being screwed @ 3 straight PPVs. In Vince’s eyes, I think he would say atleast they are doing THAT right.

  • gpturbo81

    if paul wight went real life, there’s not many that are gonna get in his way. even storyline, who’s gonna stop him?

  • alice

    gooddddddddddd I was so sick of triple H and his stupid wife bullying big show.He should have done it long ago

  • Tim

    While it was a relief at the end it raw. It still was so illogical. But I guess we come to expect that from wwe.